Save Water Save Lives, Amazing Advertisements


Save Water Save Life

Water (H2O) is a finite natural resource that must be conserved; it is limited and scarce in many places.

Water crisis is one of the major issues that the world is facing and it is the responsibility, perhaps the duty of each one of us to contribute towards water management. Intelligent utilization of water resources is the need of the hour.

Water is necessary for life and everything to exist. So for that today i have gathered amazing digital artworks  and campaigns for awareness in saving water. SAVE WATER .. SAVE LIFE !!
I also came across 100 Ways to Conserve Water

Update: we saw a debate in the consequence of this post. Some said that water is an infinite resource, and some said it is not. Now I just wanna say that even if we believe that water is an infinite resource, we still don’t have to waste it. Wasting a resource (however cheap it might be) damages our way of living. Our innerself stops to restrict us from wasting resources. We should always restrict ourselves from wasting any resource.

save water 2 by ~serso

save water save life

Save Water Save Lives by ~george4n

save water ad campaign

Save the Planet by ~DanielBalaban

save water save planet

A Single Drop Can Save by *sofunky

a single water drop can save life

Save Water by =KarimDesign

save water earth

save water 4 by ~serso

save water plant

S.O.S Campaign Issue 01 by ~dreaminbox

sos save earth save water

save water 3 by ~serso

save water save fishes


save water .. save life2 by ~ImagineShop

save water save life 2

Save Water by Giridhar-Photography

save water benjamin franklin

Save water by ~Bokchoy

save water shower

save water 1 by ~serso

save water taps

Save water poster by ~Linduzki

save water poster

Save water by ~muhammadibnabdullah

save water fuel

Save some water for the whales by RyanFlem

save water save whale

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Ayaz Malik

I'm a coding geek, art lover, and a proud father. I'm running several online businesses; sometimes I take freelance projects to pay my coffee bills. you can find me here on twitter
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51 Comments on “Save Water Save Lives, Amazing Advertisements” Join The Discussion!
  1. nwo_watcher says:

    The only thing about saving water, is that the what never really leaves the eco system in the 1st place- no matter how much goes down the drain, it still eventually goes into the ocean, and then condenses into clouds, which then rain water… And the enviro cop graphic is very telling indeed, but the Copenhagen a few months ago was a complete flop, since the scientists admitted to falsifying all greenhouse data – The whole green / carbon idea was conjured up as a means to take over earth’s natural resources. Tell your friends.

  2. Hermitbiker says:

    …. yes, good clean water for everyday use needs to be used wisely or we may find ourselves paying for it…. oh yeh, we already do !! :) Great ads and a great showcase !! Thanks “Designzzz” , Ayaz and anybody else who contributed to this !! :)

  3. naira tyler says:

    Wow that’s really creative. I felt that was mind blowing. and as we all know we have to make people aware and awake about the saving of our resources and water is one of them. And I think this is the best way to do so.

  4. Pavan Somu says:

    That’s amazing collection.

  5. dirk says:

    I am afraid that water conservation is a bit of a fallicy. You can store it and move it around but like nwo-watcher already mentioned, it doesn’t get used up. It gets recycled. We are drinking the same water today that the dinosaurs drank and the earth contains pretty much the exact amount of water today as it did back then.

  6. odboiy says:

    Water crisis is one of the major issues that the world is facing and it is the responsibility, perhaps the duty of each one of us to contribute towards water management.

  7. sola says:

    Some of those designs are really awesome. Some are a little…odd, like that cartoon-ish one with the captain on the toilet?


    Dear friend

    can i use your some photograph for my face book

    my face book id is!/group.php?gid=129863870395642

    please consider

    thanking you



    1. Ayaz Malik says:

      Feel free to use but credit back to the artists

  9. Gilbert says:

    woaw!!! creativity thrives in freedom. thats all advertisement tries to do. persuade to get attention. bravo good arts.

  10. omahang says:

    save water save life…………… a single drop can mean a lotbe eco frendly people i request from ma side do it for our future generation

  11. khwaja azharuddin says:

    water is life

  12. noopur says:

    reallly guys
    water is our life so we all should save every drop of water

  13. anmol says:

    good collection

  14. CASH AGGARWAL says:

    All the pics are awesome and heart touching………………….
    realy it tell us that the importance of water in our life ….we can’t survive our life without water……………………….so save it…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. praathosh says:

    coll pictures nice graphics helps in my school project

    1. Tayyab says:


      Don’t forget the reference of the Artists when you use their work.

  16. sameeha sharma says:

    good collection hope people read it and start saving water for today also for future

  17. Neegam Nain says:

    Water is life,
    If there is no water in the world,
    We have to fight with life,

    So, think about this
    if we going to save water from today only,
    our future is bright.

  18. SURAJ says:

    amazing collection.
    water is life .
    save water and save life.

    1. Ayaz Malik says:

      Thanks :)

  19. Neegam Nain says:

    Water is a source of life,
    Don’t waste water,
    it is nice.
    One-One drop of water
    can make a sea.

    We can see that everyone is wasting water. Why we are not stopping it, We have to stop it .

    1. Ayaz Malik says:

      Well said neegam!

  20. divyam wadhwa says:

    excellent thoughts & good collection

  21. piyush sony says:

    we want to safe water because we need water in future.

    Safe water
    Safe environment
    Safe electricity
    Safe LIFE…………….

  22. roshan pereira says:


  23. sonali kukreti says:

    water is so so precious don’t waste it

  24. MUSKAN THAKUR says:

    i like photos very much i want to see more photos like this

  25. shivangi bansal says:




  26. satyajitmanna says:


  27. ruby says:

    every drop counts one’s life

  28. Oyo Lhamo says:

    Every drop of water is orecious, so, think about it…………

  29. sakshi pundir says:

    please all people save water, dont waste it. if no water, no plant, no life, no people…

  30. catherine says:

    lovely photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Oyo Lhamo says:

    Yap, u guys are absolutely true and right, I am with you guys, hope that no one is gonna waste water and treasure it as much as you can.

  32. Mitch says:

    These designs are AMAZING!!!

  33. s.hariprasath says:

    fantastic advertisements.amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing

  34. sachi rekhi says:

    i love this posterss i m tryng 2make it:)

    1. Tayyab says:

      if you are making a poster, you should have a look at Create a Breathtaking ‘Save Earth’ Poster/Wallpaper from Scratch in Photoshop

  35. thangadurai says:

    all designs are heart touching………

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