20 Extremely Useful Jquery Plugins and Tutorials


Extremely Useful jQuery Plugins and Tutorials you must see!

jQuery is a wonderful blessing for developers and designers through which they can easily pour life, make stuff look attractive and give good functionality to their sites.

The best part is that its not even hard to understand or learn. jQuery is open source and there are lots of free available plugins available as well.

Here are some of the best online freely available jquery plugins and tutorials.


jquery zoom tutorial

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Make Your Header Responses To Mouse Movements With JParallax

jquery header responses animation

View Demo | Go to Tutorial

jQuery Demo: Creating A Sliding Image Puzzle Plug-In

jquery puzzle tutorial

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Animate Curtains Opening with jQuery

jquery curtain animation

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Sexy Drop Down Menu w/ jQuery & CSS

sexy drop down menu jquery

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Building a jQuery Image Scroller

jquery scroller tutorial

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Four Corners Sliding Door Effect

jquey sliding door effect

View Demo | Go to Tutorial

jQuery Virtual Tour

jquery virtual tour tutorial

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Nice & Clean Sliding Login Panel built with jQuery

jquery sliding login panel

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Creating a Keyboard with CSS and jQuery

jquery keyboard tutorial

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Fancy Thumbnail Hover Effect w/ jQuery

This is an awesome thumbnail hover effect jquery tutorial. Get rid of the same plain old thumbnail images by this simple tutorial. A great work done by www.sohtanaka.com.

jquery thumbnail effect

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Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery

This tutorial is my personal favorite, u can stylize your images with divs/boxes and make superb , very attractive effects by simple jquery. The tutorial belongs to www.buildinternet.com

sliding box jquery tutorial

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Create an Image Rotator with Description (CSS/jQuery)

This is a very very handy and attractive master piece of jquery and css. You can pour life in your site’s homepage by using this image rotator. All your features of site can be well explained in limited space too. This tutorial Belongs to www.designm.ag

jquery image rotator

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Anything Slider jQuery Plugin

AnythingSlider is an attempt at bringing together the functionality of all of those previous sliders and adding new features. It is an awesome Plugin/ Jquery you can make animated slider effect with images, text, text and images together, very well written by www.css-tricks.com


View Demo | Go to Tutorial | Download Tutorial


carausel viewer jquery

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Image Cross Fade Transition

image cross fade transition

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Scrollable is useful jQuery plug-in for creating scrollable content. Scrollable items can contain any HTML. You can make items scroll horizontally or vertically and choose how many items are visible at once.

scrollable jquery plugin

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Creating a polaroid photo viewer with CSS3 and jQuery

This example is making use of CSS3 and jQuery. It really shows the effect when combining two powerful techniques.

poloroid jquery photo viewer

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Create a Thumbnail Gallery with Slick Heading and Caption Effect with jQuery

This tutorial will show how to add heading and caption to your thumbnail and display it with jQuery cool transition effect. It’s an elegant way to put content in your website, and only display it when users want to see it. It keeps your website clean!

thumbnail gallery jquery

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