Simple Jelly Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial


Simple Photoshop Jelly Effect Text Tutorial

This is a very very simple Photoshop Text Tutorial to show you how to make jelly sort of effect in text elements.

Only thing you need for this tutorial is photoshop, because all the effects are made by blending options.

This is my first Graphics Tutorial so please critique and suggestions are always welcome 🙂 .

ok Lets start!!

photoshop text jelly effect tutorial

Take a new Document of 600 x 600 px. Double click on the background layer (default layer) to unlock it.
Now right click on the layer and click Blending Options. In Blending Options Go to Gradient Overlay.
Set the Blend Mode to Normal
Opacity to 100%
Style to Radial, check the both check boxes Reverse and Align with Layer.
Keep the Angle at 90
Set the Scale to 150%
Click on the Gradient Color Seclctor and set one color to Black #000000 and the other to Green #155e0d.
Now Move the radial Circle in the middle of the document by dragging it.

See the Image Below for Gradient Settings:

photoshop tutorial gradient settings

You will Get this Gradient Effect:

gradient color

Take the text tool from Left Tool box pane and write any word u like with any font you prefer. In my Tutorial’s Case i have used the font Kristen ITC.
Align the Text in center of page.
Right click on the text layer and click Blending Options. Perform the Following Actions

Inner Shadow:

inner shadow  photoshop tutorial

Inner Glow:

inner glow photoshop tutorial

Bevel and Emboss:

bevel and emboss photoshop tutorial

Set Color Overlay to #089a19 :

color overlay photoshop tutorial

All Done here is the final version:

final jelly text tutorial photoshop

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  1. christmas stocking fillers November 25, 2009 at 1:14 am

    Yeah I really appreciate all the quality styles, buttons, patterns. All without running in circles trying to find a download link. Hope you guys grow bigger and become a force in the photoshop psd file scene 🙂 . Definitely have the quality already!

  2. Vic October 28, 2010 at 7:26 am

    Thanks Ayaz,
    I’m not an expert in Photoshop so I searched for all tutorials, and I found this one simple. I want to make my logo in the header of my site to be not boring.

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