How to Create a Simple yet Stylish Logo in Photoshop (For Beginners)


final result photoshop logo design tutorialHow to create a simple yet stylish Logo in Photoshop (For Beginners)

Today i have created a simple photoshop tutorial for beginners to make really cool and stylish logo. You can follow these simple steps and make this sort of logo really easily . Feel free to share your suggestions and your ideas regarding it in the comments section below.

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Final Result:

final result photoshop logo design tutorial

Step 1:

Create a New  file , i prefer a square shaped file for this logo. Double click on the background layer to make it a Layer.

Step 2:

Create a New layer. Use the Ellipse Tool to make a big circle by holding shift while you drag (For equal size perfect circle)

Logo Design Tutorial Photoshop

Step 3:

On the created Layer using the brush tool color the circle in black (It’s obligatory to be imperfect so it will give the logo a more stylish look)

Photoshop Tutorial for beginner

P.S. Don’t delete the path you’ve made with the Ellipse Tool.

Step 4:

Go to PATHS (Window> Paths) and hit the Interrupted Line Circle; so the path circle you’ve made with the Ellipse Tool will transform into a selection area.

Now hit Delete button on your keyboard.

Step 5:

Press M (Marquee Tool)  and click once near the selection area so it will disappear.  Using the Erase Tool get in the right shape your circle (like i did in the image below)

logo design photoshop tutorial

Step 6:

Now you can make a copy of this layer and resize  it (CTRL + T) by holding shift to a smaller circle or create a new Layer and perform the same steps (2-3-4-5).

You should have something like this (check the image below)

photoshop logo design tutorial for beginners


Make a new Layer and using the Brush Tool make the lines between the 2 circles.

design logo for beginners


Select the 3 layers with the big circle , small circle and the lines between them (click on the layer names holding CTRl , or for  a faster select holding SHIFT click the first layer you want to select and the last one , so all the layers between them will be also selected) , and right click ” Merge Layers”


Using the Fill Tool drop colors in the areas you between the lines (Quick TIP : fill more than once , so there will be no blank spaces)

colorful logo design tutorial

STEP 10:

Using the Text Tool drag and create the area where will be the text. Add your text. Here are the text parameters which i used you can use as u like.

  • Font: AfterShockITC TT
  • Size: 105 pt

Right click on the Text Layer and then hit Rasterize Text. Now you can treat the text like an Image. Afterward move the text in the middle of the circle.

photoshop design logo tutorial

STEP 11:

Make a new layer. And using Brush tool and different colors make a childish coloring style like i did in the image below.

logo design tutorial for beginners in photoshop

STEP 12:

Now holding CTRL hit the text layer’s icon. (do not click the text layer , stay on the colors layer) It should make the selection of the text area.

STEP 13:

Hit Delete and you are done! So here you have a nice , simple and stylish logo. You may delete the Background layer.

Save it as a PNG file and use it on T-Shirts and wherever you would like to.

Hope you’ve learned something new , and stay tuned for new tutorials.

Final Result

final result photoshop logo design tutorial

If you have any questions , comments or suggestions.. Feel free to comment below :)


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