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Vertical Slide Hover Effect for Menu Bars with CSS3

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A hover effect is the transition that takes place when you move your pointer over a menu bar item. Such hover effects can be used anywhere but mostly they are used for navigation bars and other kinds of menus. There are ...

Perspective Shadow Effect using CSS3

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Perspective shadow is a normal shadow but tilted in one direction. This defines the light source at an angular direction hence the effect gives a 3D kind of a look. What I did in this tutorial is I placed the shadow on t...

Create an Exploding Menu using Pure CSS3

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This is a pretty cool menu effect. I mean it looks incredible yet it just might not be very useful. In here, the whole navigation bar explodes if you click a button. Such a thing can make a website memorable, but corpora...

Letter Cards Text Effect using CSS3

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I remember when I was learning web design (that was a long time ago) my teacher told me that if you see anything colorful and graphical, it would be an image. He was right at that time, but today, after the boom of CSS3,...

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