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7 Hottest HTML5 Website Builders

By Ayaz Malik | October 24, 2013

HTML5 is the latest way professionals code. Now everybody wants their website to made in HTML5. But of course, not everybody can code HTML5 websites… but should that stop everybody? Never! If you want your website ...

27 Addictive HTML5 Games and Resources

By Akkas | October 23, 2013

Gaming is one the many fields where HTML5 has challenged and defeated Flash, who was once the titan of the industry. HTML5 games have proved to be more flexible, secure and easy to make. Probably these are the reason tha...

30 One Page Responsive HTML5 Templates

By Tayyub | September 27, 2013

This is a collection of some of the most popular free and premium one page (also called single-page) HTML5 templates. All of them are made using HTML5 responsive code. Mostly such one page templates are used for portfoli...

25 HTML5 CSS3 Tutorials with a Hint of jQuery

By Jawad | April 6, 2012

You know the recipe to create a perfect modern website? You start with a dough of HTML5, then you add CSS3 sauce, in the end garnish it with a bit of jQuery and you got yourself a tasty website. But sadly these three thi...

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