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10 Things Clients Never Say

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You must have seen funny videos on youtube titling “Funny Things [someone] Says”. Just following the logic, somebody made this list of the things web design clients never say!...

Your Email Address Reveals Everything About You!

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I’m just laughing because our editor Tayyab has a hotmail ID. He isn’t telling me but I think he also has an AOL email ID currently active. Anyways, you should have a look, and send it to all your friends ...

Life with a Computer

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This is a funny comic depicting our experience with our computer/laptop. I felt it’s something like a marriage… you begin in it as if it is a lifetime party, then you start to realize it isn’t… an...

Girls Have an Excuse – What’s Yours?

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Geek girls, men think they can’t be funny… even male geeks believe that geeky girls are never funny. To prove them wrong, here’s something. By the way, how often do we see girl geeks? I mean I’ve ...

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