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11 Free jQuery e-Commerce Plugins

By Ayaz Malik | November 12, 2014

jQuery e-Commerce plugins help web designers to engage more visitors, deliver better user experience and make the website look better. We shared a collection of free WordPress e-Commerce plugins a couple of days ago, so ...

7 Best JavaScript Frameworks and Their Qualities

By Ayaz Malik | October 24, 2014

Since it killed Actionscript and Flash, JavaScript has been ruling the web landscape for a few years now. Today, it is the go-to choice whenever you need a dynamic, interactive web/mobile application interface. JavaScrip...

20+ Handy jQuery Snippets for Web Designers

By Ayaz Malik | January 21, 2014

jQuery is our favorite tool when it comes to adding effects or heavy interactivity in a web design. Even though there are many jQuery plugins in the market, but you don’t have to require a plugin for day to day uses. F...

12 jQuery Infinite Scroll Plugins and Tutorials

By Ayaz Malik | November 27, 2013

Infinite scroll is a method of displaying content on a webpage, or on a section of a webpage. What happens is that when the webpage visitor reaches the end of the page, the page loads in more content. Social media sites ...

30 Useful jQuery Animate Resources

By Robinson | October 25, 2013

Gone are the days when developers were solely dependent on the flash plugins for animating the different features of a website. Now they have a much more advanced tool at their disposal for animating the website. JQuery ...

20 Free jQuery Form Tools

By Ayaz Malik | October 10, 2013

Web forms can be exceptionally boring. They used to be, but not anymore! This is the age of jQuery Forms. Today we are sharing a collection of jQuery plugins, filters and tools that are useful for creating validated jQue...

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