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50 Free jQuery Menu Bar and Navigation Plugins

By Ayaz Malik | March 26, 2015

This is a collection of the best of the best free jQuery menu bar tutorials and plugins. These jQuery plugins can spark-up any web design. This collection includes a selection of jQuery drop down menu, mostly horizontal ...

10 Attractive jQuery Tooltip Tutorials

By Ayaz Malik | March 13, 2015

A tooltip allows you to add a lot in the user experience, and a jQuery tooltip does it the best. These tooltips present us a great way to pour life in simple HTML content. They add dynamism and eye-catching value, and w...

11 Free jQuery e-Commerce Plugins

By Ayaz Malik | November 12, 2014

jQuery e-Commerce plugins help web designers to engage more visitors, deliver better user experience and make the website look better. We shared a collection of free WordPress e-Commerce plugins a couple of days ago, so ...

7 Best JavaScript Frameworks and Their Qualities

By Ayaz Malik | October 24, 2014

Ever since it killed Actionscript and Flash, JavaScript has been ruling the web landscape for a few years now. Today, it is the go-to choice whenever you need a dynamic, interactive web/mobile application interface. Java...

20+ Handy jQuery Snippets for Web Designers

By Ayaz Malik | January 21, 2014

jQuery is our favorite tool when it comes to adding effects or heavy interactivity in a web design. Even though there are many jQuery plugins in the market, but you don’t have to require a plugin for day to day uses. F...

12 jQuery Infinite Scroll Plugins and Tutorials

By Ayaz Malik | November 27, 2013

Infinite scroll is a method of displaying content on a webpage, or on a section of a webpage. What happens is that when the webpage visitor reaches the end of the page, the page loads in more content. Social media sites ...

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