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12 Popular PHP Frameworks for Web Developers

12 Popular PHP Frameworks for Web Developers

These are the most popular PHP frameworks that are being used by the web developers world all over.

PHP frameworks are of utmost importance for developers and programmers as they help them building up websites and web applications more effectively and perfectly.

Below is the collection of some top rated frameworks that can be used for all sorts of projects:

14 Best PHP Cheat Sheets

14 Best PHP Cheat Sheets

These are PHP cheat sheets for learning programmers and professional web developers.

A cheat sheet is a set of commands written for quick reference, that’s why they are also called quick reference guides. These cheat sheets are mighty helpful for beginners and intermediate level users.

Today I’ve got PHP cheat sheets for beginning programmers who don’t remember all the PHP codes by heart.

Tip: What you should do is that you print out these cheat sheets, stick them up near your workstation.

Coding a Sleek PHP / jQuery Contact Form with Runtime Preview

Coding a Sleek PHP / jQuery Contact Form with Runtime Preview

From today we are starting our new trend. Easy Coding… This is a venture by Designzzz and it specifically designed for web designers, not the high-end developers (even though they will get a scoop out of it) to create majestic results without having to wrestle with their computers.

Today we will be coding a sleek and attractive contact form with run time preview using PHP and jQuery. All the design area will be coded in HTML and CSS while jQuery will take care of run time preview.

In the back end PHP will work as the main mailing script. This sounds pretty tough but don’t worry, it’s not too complicated.

Display Greeting Message Depending on Social Media Referer – PHP

Display Greeting Message Depending on Social Media Referer – PHP

By learning this tutorial you can display a greeting message to your visitor depending on the social media site (such as twitter, facebook etc.) they came from.

For instance if your visitor came to your site via Twitter, this piece of code will show them a customized greeting message with anything, and if you want; you want to add “follow us on Twitter” etc. kind of links as well. Same can be done for any social media site like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and so on.

This code can be used in WordPress or any type of website developed in php.

Advance Level PHP Tutorials & Scripts

Amazing PHP Tutorials Roundup with Sources

PHP, or PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, is a widely used, general-purpose scripting language that was originally designed for web development.

It is a HTML embedded scripting Language. I have gather some of the most amazing PHP tutorials  from with live Demos and Download able sources.

These Tutorials advance or  Developer level scripts/tutorials.

If you are looking for Basic level PHP tutorials you can find them here at W3schools