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100+ Free PSD Templates for Download

By Ayaz Malik | July 1, 2015

We designers spend countless hours working on your Photoshop files. Our work load gets reduced to amazing levels if we can find PSD templates that help us to create graphics with minimal effort but maximum results. Today...

16 Free Icon Font Resources for Web Designers

By Ayaz Malik | June 24, 2015

What are icon fonts? We know about dingbat fonts, are these the same? The answer is yes and no. Dingbat fonts, fonts such as wingdings, contain icons in them but they are designed for print media usage. Icon fonts on the...

500+ Free Pure CSS Icons

By Ayaz Malik | June 23, 2015

These days, the trend is to take web designs to a level where they do not need any images at all. Thanks to CSS3, we’re nearly there. With CSS icons, the last┬ámonopoly of images has been broken. Another great thin...

HTML5 Responsive Menu Design Tips and Free Resources

By Ayaz Malik | June 18, 2015

Today we will be covering basic methods of creating an HTML5 based responsive menu. We will also take a look at some of the best free resources in that contribute to our purpose. Responsive web design aka RWD is not a ne...

Free HTML5 Dropdown Menu Bar Tutorial and Addons

By Ayaz Malik | June 10, 2015

The powers of HTML5 are really amazing. There was a time when you needed jQuery to make a superb navigation bar, but not anymore. A pure HTML5 dropdown menu can sufficiently deliver the best user experience. Today’...

The Most Useful CSS Cheat Sheet Collection

By Ayaz Malik | June 1, 2015

If you have a big, nice CSS cheat sheet, you will never forget a CSS code ever again. A CSS cheat sheet is a quick reference guide that helps you to find properties of the attribute you are applying. Naturally, such as c...

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