24 Truly Brilliant Typography Inspired Web Designs


What is a good web design? From a clients point of view, a good design is which can get the content read by the visitor. Since web design is 95% typography, we need to take really good care of this part of the design. This factor makes typography the most important element in increasing conversion rates. So today we are looking some tips creating quality typography and also look at some cool examples.

If a designers main target is to make the visitors read out the content, there are many tricks he can apply to achieve that. One of the most obvious trick is to convert simple text into typographic artwork.

For example a slogan written in plain text can easily be over-sighted, but if you add a little style, it becomes quite eye-catching.

Let’s have a look… but first, here are some of the basics of creating a superb looking typographically amplified web design.

7 Ground Rules for Creating Typographically Perfect Web Designs

These are seven most essential tips for creating a typography for the web.

  • Read it: You may find this tip hideously obvious but I mean reading through your designs with great caution, like scrutinize your designs so that you’d know if you are breaking the sentence at the right location or the wrong. Also, you must know if the key words of copy are getting attention or not. A great design with inappropriate emphasis go straight to hell.
  • No placeholder text: After reading the first rule, you can pretty well guess that placeholder text can never show you the real thing users will view so you can never know how the design will eventually turn out for the user. Try to make the design with the real content. If that’s not possible, make sure to deliver your final draft with the real text, not lorem ipsum text.
  • Sync with psychology: Each fonts creates a psychological impact and colors have their own emotions as well. Make sure your design synchronizes with the moods of colors and text. If you do this thing right, you’re sure to win 90% of the times.
  • No centralized text: This rule doesn’t apply to headings but where ever there’s a sentence or paragraph that exceeds one line, try to get it left aligned (or right aligned if you are making a right-to-left language website). This is because it becomes difficult to go from one to the next when the beginning points are not aligned with each other.
  • Tiny types: Sometimes, for the sake of the design, we make text size smaller if the text is in an abundant amount. Terrible idea! Readability is the first and most important aspect of any design. This something non-negotiable so never ever try to compromise on text size.
  • Allow the user the enhance text size: These days, users have to open your websites on all kinds of devices. On many devices, they may find your text not easily readable so they may increase the text size / zoom in the design. Make sure that if that happens, the design does not break down.
  • Remove special characters: This crucial for content text, but also for the headings because search engines are not good at recognizing special characters such as long dashes and smart quotes. Make sure it’s all plain text, no special characters.

And now, time for the examples. And guess what, I’m using a centralized heading. 😉

Cool Typographic Web Designs



Pack is a web page builder for creating a homepage of your dog. Apart from the cutest dogs on earth, this website contains a gorgeously designed modern typography.

Future of Car Sharing

Font psychology infographic

This website is very elegant color scheme and that is being used in the typography as well.  Excellent Adobe Illustrator is also in action here.

Kansas City Creep Fest

creep fest

This website is showing some horror effect as the name shows. Using nice typography and creative work.

Shaw & Shaw

Shaw n Shaw Photography

This website using very attractive color scheme and using beautiful typography. It’s a photography homepage.

Loren Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator with great typography

This website is an absolute nostalgia stroke if you have ever worked on DOS based operating systems or the old versions of Mac and Windows. In typography, this website uses the most beautiful combination of vintage computer themed fonts I have ever seen.



This is a portfolio website and using exceptional typography design. The color scheme is also good. Cool jQuery is used here.

Rock the Future

Rock the future

I really love the kerning techniques used in this design. Notice below the logo and text “department creatif” how the kerning value suddenly increases to make the text easily readable. That’s a masterstroke right there


Antro uses typography via breaking words

This is a pretty cool typography effect Antro creative agency has applied. They have broken down words with hyphens. Check it out, it’s pretty cool.

Curt’s Recipe

Extraordinary Ingredients

Food related websites need to look extraordinarily beautiful. This one does through the help of high quality pictures and excellent use of typography.

The Design Files

The Design Files

This is a design agency’s website so naturally they need to make their website an example of their excellence. I think they do a decent job here.

Cultivated Wit

Cultivated Wit

That’s a pretty cool website with typography effects, video backgrounds, jQuery effects and loads of stuff.

Jun Duffy

Jun Duffy

And all the way from New Zealand is the designer Jun Duffy. This website has one of the most creative looking online shops ever designed.

Knuckles Industries

Knuckles Industries

This is the homepage of a metal fabrication industry. This doesn’t sound a like a business of aesthetics but the website is designed truly well.

Miss Mary’s Morning Elixir

Miss Mary

This is a pretty cool retro themed website with retro themed fonts. By the way, if you are getting curious about the name, it’s a Bloody Mary cocktail.


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  1. Mike Kelly October 13, 2015 at 6:13 pm

    web design is 95% typography???? you’re quoting from a 2006 article? nine years is eons in web design time – a lot has changed since 2006! typography is certainly important, but off the top of my head, I’d say web design’s at least a triumvirate: clean functionality across all platforms and devices, a useful purpose provided for the end user, and clean design that includes typography as a component and communicates the company’s persona instantly.

    1. Tayyub October 13, 2015 at 6:55 pm

      Quite right Mike, things have changed dramatically since 2006. I mean Myspace and Orkut were the most popular social media networks, nobody had heard of Facebook and twitter wasn’t even invented yet. Medieval times, right?
      But you know, Steve Krug’s book Don’t Make Me Think is still considered the one of the most fundamentally accurate books on web design… and that book was written back in Y2K. Some things haven’t changed.
      The aspects of designing which you have mentioned, that’s all done to increase conversion rate and ROI rate. And of course, for increasing them, the most important element of the website is the text portion. So naturally, typography remains the heart and soul of any website.

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