20 Lovely Valentines Day Wallpapers


Lovely Valentines Day Wallpapers for your desktop!

Some people believe that one Valentine’s day is not enough; in fact, every day should be a celebration of love.

We don’t know where did this tradition originate, but frankly, who cares? The fact is that on 14th Feb, air is buzzing with love and we are all breathing it. Let me present a few desktop wallpapers I’ve put together for the occasion.

Computer professionals sometimes don’t think about love, even on the 14th February; they rather come up with extravagant designs for Valentine’s Day. It might be pathetic, it might be professional, who knows.

These valentine’s day wallpapers are ideal, no matter what’s your angle. Decorate your desktop for the season of love, or be inspired and make such designs.

Take a look at these cute valentine wallpapers as well!

From Deviant Art

Valentine by ~alientwilight

Free Wallpaper

Valentine’s Day by ~PinkyPinkee

Free Download

Valentine Wallpaper by ~funkmaster-c

Wallpaper at Saint Valentines

Valentines by *pincel3d

Free Download

The Bunny Who loved me by *Tooshtoosh

Free Desktop Background

Fly withmethis Saint Valentine by =cooledition


Valentine Wallpaper (Large) by ~Tintone

Free Desktop Wallpaper

St. Valentine wallpaper by ~alexeit


Valentine’s Heart by ^Lilyas

valentine's day wallpaper

Valentine Wallpaper Pack by ~akkasone

Free Desktop

Valentine Wallpaper by ~Limpich

Free Wallpapers

From Various Sources

Words of Love

typography wallpapers valentine's day

Patterns of Heart

Free Wallpapers

VE3D Image for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (PC)

starcraft Valentine's Day

Electrifying Heart

Free Wallpaper

Pink Heart


Heart of Roses

Free Wallpapers

Valentines Day

beach valentine's day

Love You (Female)

14 February Wallpaper

Valentine’s (War) Day

War vs. Love


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