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What Font is is a very unique resource for web designers and developers. It is only one of its kind of OCR (Optical Character Recovery) tool which enables you to find out the font used in a picture.

There are many times when a client asks the designer to copy the font of a particular design, such as a logo of some other company but none of them has an idea about what that font is. If you are a designer in such a situation, all you need to do is take the sample image, put it in this site’s free online tool, and you will the font name and also it’s free download link. What else could one want!

How to Use ‘What Font Is’

Browse the image or place its link. Set the correct options. I selected that the image has dark background. You can search for your favorite fonts in the second section of the page.

identify font

Fill the text boxes with the letters in the image. Note that I selected Display All Fonts.

What Font is

Font finder has done its work. Now just find the most suitable font from the big list according your needs. By the way, I used the font Sansation and that came out at No. 10.

how to use it


There are many many occasions in a designer’s career when he likes a font used in some design, and loves it, but there is (or was) just no way to track the font’s name. Now there is, using the font recognition system of What Font Is This.

This tool is mighty useful not just for designers but also for developers as well. Developers also sometimes need to work with fonts.

As mentioned earlier, there are many times when someone comes with a logo or some other kind of design and asks you to make their design using the same font. Now designers are usually dumbfounded in a situation like this and they have to seek through hundreds and hundreds of fonts to find a similar font.


It is a unique resource, and since it is completely free, it gets a high rating from us. The quality that this find a font service provides a download link is also appraisable.


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