30 Superb WordPress Gaming Themes for Game Freaks


When we are children we play all sorts of games and do all sorts of things but when we grow up we usually let go of such things. Reading comics and playing hide and seek are good examples of such things. But playing video games is something of a habit which sticks around with us, or at least with many of us, even when we have grown older. Perhaps the reason is that technology keeps on evolving and therefore games keep on becoming more and more real and more and more graphical.

If you are planning to run a gaming website you cannot host it on any random theme as different niches require different types of themes.

Below we present you with 30 high quality gaming themes for WordPress.

Free Gaming Themes

1. Game Star

Game Star

Demo & Download

2. Poker fan

Poker fan

Demo & Download

3. Games


Demo & Download

4. Robot Games

Robot Games

Demo & Download

5. Pro Sports

Pro Sports

Demo & Download

6. The Game

The Game

Demo & Download

7. Diablo Fun

Diablo Fun

Demo & Download

8. Middle Earth

Middle Earth

Demo & Download

9. Games Max

Games Max

Demo & Download

10. Games Park

Games Park

Demo & Download

11. Games Mania

Games Mania

Demo & Download

12. I Games

I Games

Demo & Download

13. I Slot Games

I Slot Games

Demo & Download

14. Game Fusion

Game Fusion

Demo & Download

15. Infinity Game

Infinity Game

Demo & Download

16. Auto Racing WordPress Theme

Auto Racing WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

17. Football Site WordPress Theme

Football Site WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

18. Bingo


Demo & Download

19. Dangerous Games

Dangerous Games

Demo & Download

20. Planet Games

Planet Games

Demo & Download

21. Game Zone

Game Zone

Demo & Download

22. Game Fun

Game Fun

Demo & Download

23. Olympic Games

Olympic Games

Demo & Download

24. Game World

Game World

Demo & Download

25. Extreme Gaming WordPress Theme

Extreme Gaming WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

Premium WordPress Themes

26. Gaming Zone

Gaming Zone

Demo & Download

27. Gameleon


Demo & Download

28. Game Portal

Game Portal

Demo & Download

29. Wave


Demo & Download

30. Games Portal

Games Portal

Demo & Download

That’s all the gaming themes we had for you today. We’ll be back on Monday. Another day, another topic. Stay tuned 🙂

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