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By default, WordPress adds lots of meta codes in the <head> section of a web page, that includes XHTML generator which describes WordPress’s version, link to Windows Live Writer manifest file and many of such codes which are not useful to most of the webmasters.

Search Engines hate code junk, SEO experts will advise you to use as little code as possible and keep it simple.
This plugin we have created helps you to get rid of the codes you don’t need in your posts. It will help your pages load faster and get you better SEO as well. All you have to do is tick the elements you want removed.

With this plugin you can remove these Metas from head

  1. WP XHTML generator Showing Wp Version
  2. RSD Link
  3. Links to the general feeds (e.g. posts and comments)
  4. Links to the extra feeds such as category feeds
  5. Link to the Windows Live Writer manifest
  6. Index link
  7. Relational links for adjacent posts
  8. Previous posts Link
  9. Start posts Link

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3 Responses to “WP Head Section Cleaner – Free SEO Plugin from Designzzz”

  1. jukooz says:

    Great plugin. I would like to ask about removing more tags, such as:

    – can we edit language in wordpress, mine is not english?

  2. jukooz says:

    It seems that code form my comment was removed, so I meant:

    html dir=”ltr” lang=”en-US”
    link rel=”profile” href=” gmpg.org/xfn/11″
    link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=” – Feed and Comment Feed
    link rel=”pingback” href=”


    • Ayaz Malik says:

      This plugin only removes the meta information in the head, so it can’t edit the html dir=….

      About the feed and comments feed yes it already have an option for that in the settings area, same goes for pingback. see if you can find it and it works for you.

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