You Can’t be a Designer if…

You Can’t be a Designer if…


Remember my last few posts which are a blend of humor and professional advice… here we go again. It’s another fun fun article.

This time I have made a list of 15 signs which if you have in yourself, you can’t be a designer. And to end, I have added a few professional quick tips. You should comment and tell me how many signs did you find in yourself from the list.

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“There’s a difference between being creative and being stupid.”

1. You can’t remember what RGB and CMYK stand for.

2. You use Internet Explorer to test your web designs.

3. You don’t know any alternative to Photoshop.

4. You always have your Facebook opened.

5. You wanna become a programmer.

6. You bought a Mac to look kool.

7. You are not interested in photography.

8. Your desktop doesn’t contain a clutter of icons.

9. You don’t know the difference between serif and sans-serif.

10. You keep checking the latest scores of the match while working.

11. You have no intention of being able to draw with pencil.

12. You don’t frequently study

13. You don’t know who Paul Rand is.

14. You yawn a lot.

15. You are not a designer if you are on this page and trying to figure out whether you are a designer or not…

Wrong Mindset

Designing is a brain job

You might be a good designer but if you don’t have the attitude and aptitude towards the profession, you can lose the game.

You hate talking to clients: no IT professional likes clients when they are stupid but we do have to do that. If we don’t absorb the client’s mentality, we can never create satisfying results.

You design what you like: let me tell you an incident of ourselves, our chief designer never liked gradients, but our boss did. The junior got promoted over his designs full of gradients and the chief couldn’t believe it. Chief was right, gradients are not in trend now but the boss didn’t care. It is important to design what the user demands, not what you like.

You don’t have peace-of-mind: designing needs creativity and you can’t have it until you are loved by your friends and family. Your friends will likely be from the same profession but family isn’t you’ll have to be Non-Geek for them.  Help them out in routine day-to-day stuff and socialize in their manners.

You don’t care much about the office environment: whether you work from home or you have an office, it is vital that you keep yourself and buddies motivated. Make work feel less like work…

You never exactly have a what, why and how: when you start your work, you don’t have an action-plan. You should have clear objectives. You should know the target audience, client preferences, your limitations and deadline.


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  1. dMullins says:

    Experiment didn’t work, seems like a DUMB post.

  2. crystyn3l says:

    hi im a romanian sorry for my bad eanglish,im new here and i want to know were i can upload my own psd becouse i don’t find it…pls someone learn my

    1. Tayyab says:

      You cannot upload your files on Designzzz unless you are a writer at Designzzz. If you want to store your files, you can use MSN Skydrive or Google Docs.
      I hope this is the answer to your question.

  3. Johan says:

    its a good article but you should keep it either funny or serious. mixtures maybe distracting.

    1. Tayyab says:

      I think you are spot on… Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll keep that in mind.

  4. Mike says:

    Heh, pretty funny list. Gotta call you out on number 2. If you don’t test with all the browsers, even the dumb ones, your pages won’t be as awesome as they should be.

    1. Tayyab says:

      Thanks Mike
      I thought no one wanted a post like this, thanks for commenting.

    2. Tayyab says:

      quite right Mike!
      Thanks for the comment,

  5. algeriano says:

    “3. You don’t know any alternative to Photoshop.” Tayyeb , it’s just that , i don’t like the other alternatives of photoshop, simply i love that software, i find it simple and easy to use , i’m using it for a long time ( but i’m not an expert on it :P), for the others like Gimp….etc, they are just ugly…..and i’m not ready to learn how to use it, but just don’t judge the designer by the tool he’s using, judge him for the work he does . i’m just an amateur ,and for the other signs there is wikipedia for the answers :) , i love you designzzz xD.

    1. Tayyab says:

      Hey Algeriano

      nobody likes alternatives of Photoshop, that’s why photoshop is the goddess of bitmap designing/editing. I was just mocking the fact that when we start, we don’t even know any software (such as Gimp) which can be a substitute to photoshop.
      You are right, wikipedia is the answer to the prayers of many many people. :P

  6. algeriano says:

    but i wanna own a maC looool

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