Character illustration is a difficult form of digital art but creating highly detailed 3D digital artworks is even more difficult. Only the most passionate and most skilled artists are able to create a 3D illustration that leaves your jaw hanging. And that’s the kind of illustrations I’m sharing with you today.

I have linked all the images to their source pages so if you’d like any of these illustrations in large size, just click on the link.

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3D Character Illustrations

Captain Jack Sparrow

The wicked captain is one of the most loved cinematic characters of all time. His image gets featured on almost all art related posts I make. I particularly remember his image in realistic pencil sketches.

Jack Sparrow 3D artwork

Open Green

The detail is strong with this one. I love it only for the details. For instance, if you notice closely, the skin on her arm and back has a little grain in it, but her face is like she has done makeup. Such subtle details make me admire the designers so much.

Open Green

Do you want fries with that?

The splash on his shirt really makes me curious. It’s not the splash is if he touched something, it’s as if something was thrown at it. What happened? Did a customer misbehave? Was it a cooking malfunction?
And what is that expression on his face? Exhaustion? Is he gonna cry soon? Or, is it just that he doesn’t really care about his job?

The ambiguity of expressions is what made me add this artwork to this collection.

Burger boy

Helena the archer

This is a very popular illustration. It is an image that all digital artists try to replicate in order to judge their skill level. You can also try to recreate it and see how good have you become. If you can create something remotely closer to this, you are pretty good. If you are able to make a near-exact copy, you are outstanding.

Helena the archer


Mermaid is one of the most mystical creatures that ever thought of. It is such an amazing creature that across centuries, many people have gone for quests on finding mermaids. I just don’t understand that what do they think, how do mermaids reproduce?

By the way, US-based digital artist Kaitlyn Christine has also created a beautiful digital artwork of mermaid.


Queen of Blades

This is a typical photo manipulation. We have shared loads of photoshop tutorials that teach you to create artworks just like this one.

Queen of Blades

Meduzarts: AION Asmodia

Once again, all the beauty of this artwork is in the details. For instance, everybody in the ground has something stabbed on it. An arrow, knife, sword or anything but everybody has it. That’s detailing.

Meduzarts AION Asmodia


We artists dream a little differently.


N0X Presentation Shot

The ladies have got some manly suits.

NOX presentation shot

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