10 Pre Built Websites Ready for Business

If you design business-oriented websites for a living, you’re well aware that there is no one-size-fits all design approach that you can use to speed things along. If for example, you receive a request to create a website for a small business, you need to gather information about the business and its marketing needs before you are in a position to propose a workable and attention-getting design.

There are however design areas you can focus on that apply across the board, to the benefit of any business or client.

  • You must always provide clear, well-written content.
  • Your website should feature crisp, clear images – and when possible, the business’s own images.
  • Your website must be responsive. The ever-increasing number of mobile shoppers cannot, and should not, be neglected.

Examples of Pre-Designed Websites that Make Things Happen

Image source: Be Digital Pre Built Business Website

Pre-designed websites can make a difference in a website deliverable’s ability to attract customers through the power of a first impression. Each of the following examplesinvites a viewer to take the time toexplore a website’s content.

As alluded to earlier, a design that gives a powerful first impression for one business, can be slightly out of tune for a second business, and be completely irrelevant for a third. These pre-built websites are of course completely customizable. They are meant to serve as foundation for web page creation, and as conceptual design aids as well.

Be Theme’s extensive selection of pre-built websites gives the designer everything needed to address the website needs of any business, including creating portfolios that will present a business in the best possible light.

A professional-looking online portfolio is a must for digital and web design agencies, but website first impressions are important as well.

Be WebDesign

A totally different, yet equally powerful first impression, is this one that a burger delivery restaurant.

Be Burger

Whether you like burgers or not, this pre-built website will appeal to a person’s love for d tasty food. Note how the business’s unique value proposition, as symbolized by a delicious burger, is presented.

This brings up some important points in website design:

  • Our culture has become a visually oriented culture.
  • Images attract far more website viewers than does descriptive text.
  • Modern marketing techniques depend heavily on the use of images.
  • The best images are your own (or your client’s), assuming they are high quality.

Be Dietitian

This is a great pre-built website for a home page when customized to fit a client’s brand. It attracts viewers, beckons them to explore further, and conveys a sense of trust.

Be Club

Be Kindergarten

This whimsical offering also offers a call to action – Take a Tour. The first impression is that this is a place for children to learn, and to have fun while doing so.

Intense first impressions:

Be Extreme

Be Surfing

These will definitely attract sporting and outdoor adventure-loving customers.

Be Handyman

If your client has a handyman service or runs a general store, designing a clutter-free website could be a challenge. This pre-designed website sends a message without becoming cluttered or complicated. The first impression is one of simplicity of design. This is followed by a need to see what’s next.

Be Hotel

A hotel’s website is likely to be more complex, simply because of the amount of information that needs to be conveyed. Here, a complex topic is clearly presented. Note the effectiveness of using a slider.

Designers Love Pre-Designed Websites – Here’s Why

The examples shown here fully illustrate the beauty and quality embedded into of each and every one of the 170+ Be Theme pre-designed websites, and offer you 170+ great first impressions. This website library features every business topic or theme you are ever likely to need to address

Each one is completely customizable. You don’t have to look for an exact match. There will always be one that you can use to get your website projectoff to a fast start.

It’s not only its large selection of pre-designed websites that has made Be Theme the biggest WordPress theme ever. Its many core features, and a huge and growing user base contribute as well.

With the Muffin 3 and Visual Composer page builders at your fingertips, you will find yourself creating page after awesome page in no time at all. The Muffin Options Panel, Shortcode Generator, and Layout Configurator shorten page-building time even more,and move you quickly toward delivering an up-and-running website your client will love.

You also have the option to select a grid, header, layout style, and start a page from scratch. Whatever method you choose, Be Theme will make building a business website a fun and rewarding activity.

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