14 Free e-Commerce WordPress Plugins

Internet has become the world’s largest marketplace, in fact it is the whole world’s local marketplace. And the good thing about it is that you don’t need much resources to open a shop here.

If you want to start your online shop, the most essential thing you require, besides a website of course, is an e-Commerce plugin.

Since WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet, we are assuming you will be using it to start your online shop. And with your WordPress based store, you will also need an e-Commerce plugin that equips your website with a shopping cart.

How great it would have been if you could install this functionality in your website for free… YOU CAN!

Here is a list of the of the 14 best WordPress plugins for creating online stores. And they are all free.
Whether you a non-techie who updates his/her website difficulty or you are a seasoned web developer, you will find most suitable plugin for you in this post.

Note: Below these plugins, don’t forget to check out 10 tips for creating e-Commerce websites with high conversion rates.

WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce plugins, if not the most popular, for WordPress. And it is a free resource so it is loved by everybody. So we decided to start our post with WooCommerce and its subordinates.


You can sell anything with WooCommerce. Whether it be t-shirts in all their shapes and sizes, music files or software. Even affiliated products from a marketplace. It’s all possible.


Automatic Lead Generator

Automatic Lead Generator plugin increasing your visitors’ engagement and conversion rate from day one.

Automatic Lead Generator for WooCommerce

Loyalty & Reward Program

Beans is a powerful loyalty & reward program that helps you engage your users and promote your business.

Loyalty and Reward Program for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Gift Wrapper

Holidays are always coming! Offer your customers gift wrapping, per order, in the WooCommerce cart.

Gift Wrapper is a subordinate plugin for WooCommerce e-commerce plugin

Other Shopping Cart e-Commerce Plugins

There are so many plugins available for WooCommerce that a whole article can be made exclusively just for them, but we have listed the best ones so need to waste your time. Let’s move on towards WooCommerce alternatives.


Shopp adds a secure cart, streamlined checkout, product showcase and infinitely flexible ecommerce development toolkit to WordPress.

Shopp is one of the best free e-Commerce plugins for WordPress

WP e-Commerce

Since 2006, WP eCommerce has been helping entrepreneurs realize their goal of selling online. This is one of the most popular e-Commerce plugins available for WordPress. And it’s so power packed that it can give any premium plugin a run for the money.

WP eCommerce Plugin

Simple WP Ecommerce

This plugin makes it easy to get your store up and running quickly by making the process simple. Just install, activate, choose your payment methods and start adding your products.

Simple WP Commerce

WordPress Shopping Cart

Previously called EasyCart, WordPress Shopping Cart lets you have a WordPress Shopping Cart with only a few clicks.

WP Shopping Cart

Easy Digital Downloads

This plugin contains an intuitively designed, incredibly simple interface to help you prepare your online shop with just a few clicks and within minutes.

Easy Digital Downloads


eShop is an accessible shopping cart plugin for WordPress, power-packed with all the important features you may need from an e-Commerce plugin.


Cart66 Lite

This is a lite version of the real Cart66, but if you are not intending to a build an online super-mall, the lite version would be enough for you. Sell digital products and/or physical products with Cart66. The easiest to use WordPress e-Commerce shopping cart plugin.



MarketPress sets the standard for WordPress eCommerce solutions, providing an elegant shopping experience that supports all major payment gateways and allows you to easily manage distribution and shopping costs with custom shipping options.


Ecwid Shopping Cart

Ecwid is a full-featured shopping cart that can be added to any WordPress site in less than 5 minutes.

Ecwid Shopping Cart

That’s all the plugins I had for you at the moment. Now let’s get going towards the e-Commerce web design tips.

10 Tips for Creating e-Commerce Websites with High Conversion Rates

These plugins do make it easy to add e-commerce capabilities to your websites but they are merely the tools, one still needs the skills to make things work. So let me just share my experience of designing e-Commerce websites and what has worked for me.

1. High Quality Product Photos: this is no brainer. People mostly do judge a book by its cover and your product photos are the “covers”.

Not only that your photos look good, each product must have multiple photos from different angles. It is even better if you can show the product in action i.e. being consumed. These photos will make the user want to buy it. You can use jQuery plugins for e-Commerce websites for displaying product pictures.

2. Product Videos: this point is basically an extension of the first point. Videos almost double the sales even if users don’t watch them. What happens is that users take videos as a testament of quality. Besides, videos show that you have put up an effort of making videos. If you put up such efforts, you quality of the product must also be good.

3. Description Structure: many times we don’t pay much attention to the copy of the website but that’s actually a make-or-break element.

The target of your copy must be not to waste user’s time. It should be concise, clear but also, complete. I have also learned that superlatives annoy the users so it’s a good idea to avoid them.

4. Search Engine Optimized Titles: when the a user searches a product in Google, he/she must find your page. For that you need to use search keywords as titles.

5. Quick Purchase Process: one thing that the users really hate is lengthy forms to fill. So make sure you present them with an extremely simple and quick form that they can fill immediately. This little thing can increase your sales dramatically if your previous forms were not made right.

6. Simple Signups: it is not a bad idea to avoid signups altogether. Yet, if you would like to add a compulsory sign-up section, you should make it easy for the user to sign up.

Keep the form simple, don’t ask for any unnecessary information. Just the name, phone, email and payment info are important credentials, rest can be avoided.

7. Clear Policy Statements: consumers really hate it when businesses try to hide information. If you have nothing to hide, please make sure that your copy doesn’t sound even a bit confusing.

Your policy must be so simple that even a little could should be able to comprehend them instantly.

8. Clear Contact: just like policy statements, your contact info must also be clear and available everywhere on the website. You can add a chat box or contact form in the sidebar for that purpose.

Such everywhere available contact info makes the user feel that the business truly stands behind its products, therefore the products must be reliable.

9. Let No Questions Arise: a good copy is the one which answers questions before they arise. So make sure your copy answers all the questions users may have in their minds, and it should answer all of them immediately, even before the user frames the question.

10 Make Email Lists: these days it is quite important that you have email addresses of your clients. So collect email addresses via newsletter sign up or registration or any other way you like, but make lists.

Send a monthly newsletter to keep reminding your customers about your business.

That’s all I had for you guys today. Even though the post was about WordPress e-Commerce plugins, I thought e-Commerce design tips were necessary to be added. Do tell me what do you think about this article, and please do send us your suggestions and feedback. Please use the comment box below.

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