The world is laden with beautiful buildings and this list contains a slight glimpse of what is out there.

Half a century ago, it was fairly easy to name the most beautiful buildings of the world but now it is impossible to even remember half of them due to their large number. When we talk about architecture in terms of beauty, a fine selection of amazingly built beautiful buildings emerges. These modern-day million dollar structures amaze the eye, whether old or new.

Here is a list of few most beautiful buildings of world.

The Institute of Sound and Vision

Hilversum, Netherlands.

The Institute of Sound and Vision

This building is more than a pleasing sight, it is an inspiring corporation of colors that light up the sky at night. The four sided fresco is Dutch television image seared into a cast glass. From the inside out, this structure fascinates starring eyes.



Parso Taktsang is a famous building of Bhutan

ParoTaktsang is a monastery built 2600 feet in air alongside bulging rocks. It is also called by the name of Tiger’s Nest Monastery. It was built in 1692 around a cave, and an Indian Guru Rinpoche meditated in it. To get there tourists hike up the mountain for several hours.

Capital Gate

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Capital Gate is the iconic building of Abu Dhabi

Capital Gate is one of the tallest buildings. It has been declared as the “world’s furthest leaning man-made tower” by Guinness Book of World Records. It leans 18 degrees, which is four times more than leaning tower of Pisa.

The Piano House

Anhui, China

The Piano and Violin House in China

The building is designed like a gigantic piano with an impressive glass violin for an entrance. The open top of piano functions as a shade for the home’s roof terrace.

Palace of the Parliament

Bucharest, Romania

Palace of the parliament in Romania

Palace of the Parliament was built around the era of Soviet Union. Stalinist symbol is the second largest administrative building in the world. It is a giant palace and can be seen even from space.

Turning Torso

Malmo, Sweden

Turning Torso is one of the most famous buildings in Europe

Turning Torso was designed by Santiago Calatrava. It is Sweden’s tallest residential building. Turning torso twists a full 90 degrees from top to bottom.

Lotus Temple

Delhi, India

Lotus Temple is one of India's favorite tourist destinations

Lotus Temple was completed in 1986. It is a Bahai house of worship and is one of seven major Bahai temples in world.


Sopot, Poland


Krzywy is a typical office building, regardless of its amazing appearance. It is considered as one of seven wonders of tri-city area.

30 St. Mary Axe (London Bullet Building)

London, England

30 St Mary Axe aka London Bullet Building

The bullet skyrockets are viable and reflective over London building. It was created to allow maximum exploration of sunlight to decrease artificial light use. You can see this symbolic and beautiful building from up to 32 kilometers away from city.

The Guggenheim

Bilbao, Spain

The Guggenheim Museum

This titanium-clad masterpiece was designed by Frank Gehry. It is simple and complex at the same time. It can hold visitors attention for countless minutes. Guggenheim’s construction was a great step forward for modern structures.

Catherine Palace


Catherine Palace in Russia

Catherine palace is decorated with hues of white, blue and gold. It is named after first wife of Peter the Great. Beautiful lawns and incredible structure makes it a must-see building.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina


Bibliotheca Alexandrina

If pyramids are Egypt’s oldest treasure, then Bibliotheca Alexandrina can certainly be assumed as Egypt’s new treasure. Alexandrina’s ocean-front library is perhaps the first great design of the new millennium. It was completed in 2002 and the vast dome space can hold eight million books. It gives the illusion of second sun rising beside Mediterranean.

Potala Palace


Potala Palace

Potala palace is 13 stories high and includes thousands of rooms. It is designed as traditional Buddhist temple. It was created with the help of more than 7000 workers and now is used as state museum of China. It is also included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Winter Palace


Winter Palace is a beautiful building in Russia

Winter Palace also known as outer casing for State Hermitage Museum was designed by Francesco Bartolomeo as the winter residence of Russian czars. It bears the adornment of baroque period and its roof edges appear like divers about to fall into Neva River. It is certainly an architectural beauty of Europe.

Museu Oscar Niemeyer


Museu Oscar Niemeyer

Musea Oscar was designed by Oscar Niemeyer and also known as “Eye Museum”. Its main gallery is designed as reflective glass eye with balancing yellow support and curving ramps above a pool of water. Every aspect of museum’s design tests the view of aesthetics.

If you wish to know more about amazing places and building around the world, here is a travel documentary by BBC. This goes by the name of “Around the World in 80 Treasures”. In this Cruickshank talks about 80 most beautiful man-made structures from all over the world excluding Iran and Antarctica.

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