20 Amazing Creatures Illustration by Imaginism

Creating creature illustrations by using just your imaginations is a hard task! Those who are good at it are no doubt awesome artists!

Imaginism is an awesome Digital Art / Illustrator making the most creative and fascinating creatures on Deviant Art. His illustrations and Digital Artworks are amazingly awesome and really creative.

Basically, this is a type of character illustration, but since no human character is illustrated here so they are creature illustrations.

All these illustrations are created by Imaginism. Here are the source links.

Profile Link on Deviant Art : Imaginism
Gallery Link: Imaginism Gallery

Carrot Run

carrot run creature

Beam me up Scotty

bream creature

Big Bad Bunny Eater

big bunny eater

Bath Time

dragon bath baby

Midnight Swim

swim creature swam


twin creatures illustrations

Poison Heart Bear

poison heart bear

Little Demon

creatures demon little

Tree Spirit

tree spirit creature


babylon creature

Sea Life

sea life creature

Kangamolerat Bunny

mole rat kangaro

Hello Kitty Painting: Impostor

kitty imposter creature

Little Sea Dragon

sea dragon illustration

Weird Little Creatures pt1

weird little creature

Sea Creature

sea creatures

Light Bug

light creaturee

Baterpillar Farret


Bizarro Totoro

totoro creature

Shark Creature

shark creature

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