A fractal is a geometric shape, built up from a simple outline, made by generating similar instances successively getting smaller and/or larger scale; it shows self-similarity on all scales and it is a never-ending pattern. It’s a little hard to describe but really simple to understand once you view them.

Unlike other most beautiful types of digital art, fractal artworks require you to play within lots of rules and parameters. I’ve always been fascinated by this mathematically perfect form of art, so I thought why not share it with you guys today. This is a collection of 20 most beautiful fractal based artworks I found over the internet.

If you like this collection, please do comment and I’ll try to keep adding new art pieces in this collection.

What is a fractal

A fractal often contains the following features. These features give it a significant look and feel.

  • It has a fine formation at arbitrarily small scales.
  • It is too asymmetrical to be easily described in usual Euclidean geometric language.
  • It has a Hausdorff dimension which is larger than its topological dimension
  • It has a simple and recursive definition.

I sleep only to dream of you

Using these extra bright, neon like colors is a significant feature of fractal patterns.

I Sleep only to Dream of Youto

Wonderland forever

Inspired by the Round Robin parameters, this is an artistic representation of wonderland.


The jellyfish

This is an artwork by Roger Johnston, he’s good.

Water Lilies

Origin of life

This one is titled brilliantly. It really looks like a mother fairy is gonna come out from this misty light.


This is Psychstrorm for Psychonauts.


Polka dot explosion

Took the idea of printing polka dots over polka dots.

Polka Dot Explosion

The Nexus

The pattern map is in true 3D.


Ghostly Visage

This is another one titled just beautifully.


The eye of the flower

I love the color indigo, but that’s not the only thing I loved in this artwork. I love the combination of two shapes being used and the color scheme that matches so well with indigo.


The mighty heart

It looks as if there’s a spiral going down in the heart, but they are more heart shapes.


The blue flower

Looking at it closely will reveal that this there are actually three shapes being used here.


Fleur D Apo

I’m not sure what this title means, but it is a cool digital art piece.


Long way down

I don’t know why but I feel there’s a dragon hidden in this image somewhere.

Flaming eye-spiral

Field of depth

I just loved this idea of surface lowering down as the drop hits it.


Fantasy lover

Now which shape is this?


Dream Blooms

Looks like beard of Davy Jons, doesn’t it?


The fire in me

This artwork is made taking inspiration from the regular emissions of gamma rays from the Sun.

Colorful Swirl


This is one shape, inspired from one of the most beautiful creatures Mother Nature has created, the butterfly.


The Awakening – Rebirth

The machines won the war… but Mother Nature says human shall not die.


The fabric of the universe

Find the earth.

At the end, I wanna clarify that we tried to find the creators of all these artworks and we were successful in most cases. However, we were not able to find all of them.
If you we are linking to the wrong link or you know the creator of an non-linked image, please do comment so we can give credit.

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