If you have tried to create a realistic smoke effect in Photoshop, you would know that it is not an easy task. But we do realize that designers should be to create realistic smoke effect on demand as it is one of the most unique, most eye-catching and most effective design effects out there.

So today we are bringing you a collection of free smoke effect brushes that will let you create a smoking hot design anytime, every time.

As always, the resources in this round up are linked back to the creators’ pages so you can visit them, download each pack individual and perhaps compliment the creator. But all-in-one download pack is also available so you can download all the brushes at once, without having to open any other web page.

By the way, before we go on to the brush sets, I want to mention some of the other articles you may find useful. First of all, if you are a Photoshopper, you should check out our smoke effect Photoshop tutorials which will help you master this effect. And if you are interested in photography, then our photography tutorial called capturing the smoke should be a treat for you.

Smoke Brushes

Smoke Brushes Set 1

One of the easiest ways to make smoke effect look realistic is giving it a black (or very dark) background color.


Smoke Brushes Set 2

This brush set is the second part of a two-part brush series. The first part is the above one.


Smoke Brushes

This is a cool brush set.


Another Smoke Brush Set

Even though purple is not a good choice of color if you are trying to create smoke, this brush does pull it off.


Smoke Brush

Is it just me or is this smoke image looks like a pink lady?


Smoke Brushes

The abstract smoke.


‘Smoke’ Brushes

Who says smoke can’t be colorful.

Smoke Brushes by WashWhenDirty

Smoke Brushes

Looks like a medical scan, doesn’t it.

Smoke Brushes by photoshop_stock

Smoke Brushes Adobe Photoshop 7.0+

I love this thumbnail.


Smoke Brush Set

Blue is my favorite color for creating a mystical smoke.


Smoke Flow Brush Set

To be honest, this brush makes very cool backgrounds but it is not the ideal choice if you want to make realistic smoke effect.


Smoken Brushes.. 😀

This one does help to create realistic smoke effect.

Smoken Brushes by miss69_stock

Smoke Fractal Brushes

These are fractal brushes with smoke effect.

Smoke Fractal Brushes by Dominick_AR


This is a big brush set.


Smoke Out Brush Set

A very simple but effect set of Photoshop brushes.

Smoke Out Brush Set by jennatalia

Smoke Brushes

This fits-all-needs kind of pack, but where this one works, none else does.

Smoke Brushes by Purple Quartz Brush

Smoke Brushes

This is another simple brush set.


Hi-Res Smoke Brushes

These are high resolution smoke brushes.


21 Smoke Brushes

This is a pretty cool smoke brush set if you wanna make smoking hot web backgrounds.

Smoke Brush Set

All the best guys. Happy smoking. And don’t forget to download the all-in-pack of these brushes.

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