This is a collection of 3D portraits generated using CGI (computer generated imagery). This is an ideal inspiration post for 3D designers and graphic designers who work with 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and of course, Photoshop.

One of the biggest advances in the field of computer graphics has been the improvement in the tools and abilities for artists to create life-like images. Thanks to advanced rendering and lighting models available in modern rendering tools.

With the advancement in technology, there’s been stunning advances in the artworks as well.  This post showcases twenty realistic and lifelike computer-generated portraits that have been created by talented artists around the world.

3D CGI Portraits

Chris by redragon

This is Chris, he’s a cool guy. He lives on a beach but goes mountain climbing regularly. He’s not real but that’s what I feel when I look at this CG picture.

Chris CG Image

Missing You by redragon

It’s a South Asian proven that there’s no sorrow like the sorrow of a lost companion.

Missing you by Red Dragon

AMAYA by RainfeatherPearl

Now she’s a princess, isn’t she. A face ideal for a strong princess fantasy film.


Superman by JPRart

A few years ago when Superman Returns came out, many fans designed artworks related to that movie. Here’s one.

Computer Generated Imagery Examples

Temptress by Lyndseyh

She’s dark. She looks like someone who will strangle you with her beauty and then enslave you with her mind. Creating a face so full stories is pretty difficult.


Old Guy by m3maqs

The old guy is nearing the end and now he is reflecting how he has spend his life.

Computer Generated 3D Image of an Old Man

Gravitas by Rahll

This one’s real scary. I mean seriously scary. I don’t know who he is but I know if he’s coming from the other end of the road, I’m turning back and running away.


A Woman’s Worth by RainfeatherPearl

And then he created woman. After that neither he rested nor let us rest.

A Woman's Worth

Portrait of the Demonguard by kolakis

There are 59 teeth. I counted.

Portrait of the Demon Guard

Bruce Campbell by JPRart

“Wanna be friends? I’m a cool guy. I got chainsaws and I have fun.”

Bruce Campbell 3D Model

Grassy by sarsa

She looks a little alien right? Looks like Neytiri’s avatar for earth.


Harlequin by Alimac

Those eyes and those tear drop tattoos. That half lipstick and that detail on the pattern of her clothes. My God this guy should be a film director.


Thirsty by chexm1x

She looks a little surprised at something, doesn’t she?

Thirsty Fairy

Pink by yukitan

Whoa, if she can develop the power to flap those ears, I’m sure she’ll outfly half of the birds out there. Mind you, she doesn’t need wings to fly high.


Grandma by beleleu

There’s a sadness on that face. There’s a little grief and I also find a little hopelessness. Love your grandparents. They loved you when you were most fragile, now it’s your turn to pay them back.


Sapphire by kolakis

Those eyes, those beautiful, stunning, magnetic, enchanting, powerful eyes.


The Gray Lady by KaanaMoonshadow

She has the ball of light.

The Grey Lady

Patrick Star by BrushCommander

Okay, he also has a pair of dangerous eyes.

Patrick Star

Mask by veprikov

My God that face in the back is evil.


Bobby, the little octopus by weilynn

And I saved my favorite image for the end.

Octopus with a cigar

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