If you have a WordPress based website, these plugins will help you.

Combining the tried-and-true stuff with new-fangled attributes, the WordPress plugins of 2014 will be making sure your website moves from a wobbly footing to a steady one.

A WordPress plugin is evaluated on the basis of its performance, user-friendliness, scope, and most importantly, its scalability. The astute combination of these features is one rare phenomenon. The following plugins however, are exactly that and more.

 #1.) – Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post

When the day’s objective is to save time, the Duplicate Post is your perfect ally. Using this plugins, you no longer need to start from the scratch when writing a post as it lets you create a replica of the existing post and create an altogether new draft from it.

#2.) – Sexy Polling

Sexy Polling

The plugin may not look as sexy as it sounds, the features, however, give you every reason to believe it sizzles. To get a customer feedback, or their views on certain subjects, there is no better way that conducting polls. And when those polls can be run as seamlessly as this, you are tempted to run one every day. Based on Ajax, the plugin facilitates different skins and colors, along with different options for you in terms of start and final dates. Moreover, the users can add their own answers and there is a clean interface to figure out the poll results.

#3.) – Crayon Syntax Highlighter

Crayon Syntax Highlighter

Déjà vu, anyone? Well, the picture does look like the Google homepage but the similarities are intended. The plugin actually is a syntax marker that lets you play around with the overall presentation. The compatibility with a variety of coding languages and with the pantheon of code themes, monokai, further makes the plugin a must-have in your WordPress oyster.

#4.) – Starbox


When you are running a content heavy post that involves contribution from various authors, you would want a system that articulately profiles each author. Starbox is for those needs. This immensely resourceful plugin creates attractive author profile boxes on your site. These boxes can contain all your profiles, be it on social media or on Google Authorship, etc. It also lets you dictate if you do not wish the author profiles to appear on the pages of your website. The customization capabilities through the plug in are also unbeatable.

#5.) – WP Social SEO Booster

WP Social SEO Booster

WP Social SEO Booster delivers exactly what it promises through its name. It gives the SEO aspects of your website a major push by appending search-engine-friendly snippets to your popular bits of content on the site.

#6.) – Google Author Link

Google Author Link

Another plugin for those who wish elaborative author profiles to appear on each post of their website, Google Author Link lets authors attain higher visibility over the Internet. This plugin makes the posts authored by you links back to your Google Plus account. This helps you gain that visibility on Google.

#7.) – Smooth Scroll Up

Smooth Scroll Up

While there are themes in the market that come equipped by the scroll up button, not all perform with such precision n and responsiveness. The Smooth Scroll Up ensures there are no glitches.

#8.) – Restrict Widgets

Restrict Widgets

Managing widgets get arduous sometimes. Usually, the widgets you decide should be displayed get displayed on every page on your site, even on those where you do not wish them to appear. Restrict Widgets lets you dictate which page the widgets do not appear on. In addition to this, the plugin also lets the admin decide how different users can control the widget appearance. It helps you add responsiveness to your website and make it mobile ready and compatible across different browsers.

#9.) – Social Metrics

Social Metrics

Determining the popularity of your website’s posts on social media gives you an all important metric to judge your website’s performance. While there is no dearth of the plugins that embed social media buttons on your website, Social Metrics emerges as a plugin that gives you a detailed insight about how useful those plugins are proving out to be. More importantly, it helps you to evaluate your social media presence in a manner most accurate.

#10.) – DW Question and Answer

DW Question and Answer

While Yahoo Answers and Stack Overflow have been the most sought-after platforms for asking questions and obtaining perfect answers, Quora has also emerged is the de facto platform of the same nature. Now, the DW Question and Answer plugin creates an altogether separate section on your website that can be used by the visitors to post questions, adding answers and voting for the answers as well.

Keeping the wow-factor alive and kicking, these plugins are set to rule the WordPress ambit – at least for 2014.

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