The new year is just around the corner so it is time to give our desktops a makeover. So here we are with an exciting collection of 2015 wallpapers.

Almost all of these wallpapers are in true HD quality so doesn’t matter what your screen resolution is, they will fit your screen beautifully.

All wallpapers are linked to creators’ websites. You can click and download the wallpaper easily from there. All these 2015 wallpapers are 100% free and you won’t have to sign-up.

Pro Tip: wallpapers slow down your computer a little bit. So if you want to keep your computer/mobile device running at optimum speed, optimize your wallpaper. You can do that by using a program such as RIOT or online tools such as Yahoo’s

2015 Countdown Wallpapers

The first type of wallpapers are contain are the countdown wallpapers. This is my favorite type of wallpapers. My other favorite type is listed in the end of this post.

2015 Coming Soon

2015 coming soon

Time for 2015

Time for 2015

Clock Strikes 2015

Clock strikes 2015

Hourglass Never Lies

Hourglass 2015

Suit up and Celebrate!

Suit up for 2015

Typographic 2015 Wallpapers

Various types of wallpapers can be categorized as typography based wallpapers, but the fact of the matter is that only a few of them focus truly on typography.

These wallpapers which I’m adding in this section are the ones that focus wholly on typography design instead of one particular text effect.

Russian Pink

Russian Pink



Merry Christmas Wallpaper for 2015

Merry Christmas

Switch On The New Year

Switch On the New Year


2015 buttons

Celebrate with Friends

Celebrate with Friends

Bokeh Effect Wallpaper for 2015

Bokeh Effect

Light Trails 2015

Light trails 2015

Word Cloud Based Wallpapers

Text clouds aka word clouds are mainly used by teachers and other people who are supposed to deliver presentations.

If you love typography then I believe you would also love this type of wallpapers.

Inspirational Word Cloud

Word Cloud 2015

Another Word Cloud

Another Word Cloud

Photo Based Wallpapers for 2015

These are beautiful wallpapers. The fact that these wallpapers are made from artistic photos add huge value to them.

A photo can make the wallpaper inspirational, sad, humorous… basically photos add feels. If you are someone who likes wallpapers full of feels, this must be your favorite type of wallpapers.

The Good Days are Coming

2015 Wallpaper pictures

Enjoy 2015

I Shall Enjoy 2015

The Race Begins Now

The Race Begins Now

2015 Calendar Wallpapers

Arguably, these are the most useful type of wallpapers. This is because these are the wallpapers that will enhance your productivity.
You won’t have to click on the clock icon in task bar to check what day will be on which date. You’ll have the calendar set right on your desktop. This is my second favorite category from the list.

I could only find two truly good looking HD quality calendar wallpaper so I’m including only two of them. But as they say, even one is enough if done right.

2015 Calendar

Calendar Wallpaper of 2015

Labelled Calendar

Calendar Labels

That’s all the wallpapers we had tonight folks. See you tomorrow.

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