Easter is just around the corner and everybody is looking for easter egg decorating ideas. So here we are with a great collection of easter egg designs.

This collection does not only include brilliant easter egg designs but their DIY tutorials as well. So whichever easter egg decorating idea you like, you can follow it is easily.

The collection includes artworks, tasty decorations and lots of other ideas for decorating easter eggs.
Now, finding easter egg decorating ideas should not be a problem at all. Just take a look at these incredible, but easy to make designs that will surely inspire you to create your own.

By the way, if you are a fan of egg art, then you must check out our post on Wen Fuliang, the Chinese egg shell artist.

DIY Easter Egg Designs

Chalkboard Easter Eggs

Just dip the easter eggs in black chalkboard paint and then sketch them with regular chalk.

Easter Egg Designs by Oleander

How to Tattoo Your Easter Eggs

These temporary tattoos are available on stationary stores. You can wash the eggs and apply these tattoos easily.

Temporary tattoos on easter eggs

Sprinkle Easter Eggs

You can use plastic eggs or hard boiled eggs. Take the eggs, use a paintbrush and apply tacky glue, then toss them in Pastel Nonpareils.


Embroidered Eggs

This is a pretty interesting tutorial, one of the few I might try. You use a drill to dig up holes and remove a large piece of the shell.
Then make the embroidery, add back the large piece and you end up decorating easter eggs in a whole new style.

1 2 3

Mosaic Easter Eggs

This tutorial is a little hard to describe, but the whole idea is to use egg shells of hard boiled eggs and turn them into mosaic based easter egg designs.

Mosaic Easter Eggs

Chinese Marbled Tea Eggs

This is not only one of the mosaic like easter egg designs but it is a recipe. You can make it other times of the year and enjoy it. I have personally tried it and it is delicious.

Chinese Marbeled Tea Egg

Washi Tape Eggs

All you need for these easter egg decorating ideas is some washi tape, a pair of scissors and, of course, eggs.

Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

I noticed that I haven’t included many dyed eggs in this collection. So I do it now.

These are silk dyed easter eggs. Basically, you roll up the eggs and dye them in hot water.

Silk Eggs 1 Silk Eggs 2

Dyed Easter Eggs

The image basically explains itself. Just keep adding quotes of dye color until you get the desired results.

Dye Easter Egg

Watercolor Painted Eggs

This is not my favorite type of tutorial because there is not trick here. It solely depends on my painting skills.

The tutorial describes how you can paint on the eggs and make beautiful easter egg designs.

Watercolor Painting EggsWatercolor Painted Eggs

Lace Patterned Eggs

These are lace patterned easter egg designs that are created by dying them while they are dressed up with lace.

Lace Easter Eggs 1 Lace Easter Eggs 2

Black and White

This is my most favorite design from the lot. It does have a lack of color but that’s the whole beauty.

Black and White Easter Eggs

Mustached Easter Eggs

This is a pretty cute way to say hello to easter. All you need to do is dye the eggs and draw a mustache with a marker.

Mustache Eggs

3D Fabric Eggs

These are not real eggs but fabrics made to look like eggs. They are in 3D as you can see inside them, not just outside.

3D easter egg 1 3D easter egg 2 3D easter egg 3

That’s it for tonight guys. Happy easter egg hunting 🙂

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