Product page design is the pivotal ingredient in the recipe of success. That’s the make or break page where the visitor decides whether to become a customer or to say goodbye. Today we will learn some essential practices for killer product landing pages, and we will also check out live examples that are implementing those practices and excelling their business.

A product display page is the landing page that is contains details about one specific product. Usually that’s the page where a potential customer lands from Google, or any other channel. If that is designed properly, the e-Commerce website will make good money, but if this is not designed properly, the doom is destined.

Today, internet has become the biggest marketplace in human history. And the best part here is that everybody plays on equal grounds. If you can get your business to stand here, you can become a millionaire virtually overnight.
But the fact is that making a stand isn’t easy here. Only a very few from a very very large crowd are able to make a stand. Today we will be observing the differences those few have from the rest.

6 Secrets for Designing Excellent Product Pages

I have observed six basic features that are almost always present in all successful online shops. If you find any eighth tip, don’t forget to share it in the comments section below.

Before we move towards the real tips, I should define conversion rate.
This is the name of the turn-over rate. How many visitors landed on your website and how many were converted into customers. If 100 people landed and one became a customer then you have a conversion rate of 1%.

A good design is all about having a high conversion rate. It is not about looking good, it is not about the anything else but conversion rate. If you are not finding many customers, your design is not working. As Steve Jobs said:

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” -Steve Jobs

So today, our target is not to check which design looks great but to understand which design works best.

Clear the Confusion

Humans of 21st century have a very low threshold for confusion. If they find anything confusing on a page, they will close it immediately. They spend an extra second understanding, why will just hit the deadly X button. So, our target must be to make web pages that contain absolutely no clutter.

Clutter is the most obvious element that creates confusion.

What usually happens is that website owners sometimes think that they need to put reviews or testimonials or other things like that to convince the customer. They don’t get convinced! They get annoyed, they get confused. If you have to place these things, make sure you place them separately and they do not get mixed up with the calls-to-action. And these things do not have to be above the fold either.


  • One page = one feature. When we put too many options / features in one page, the visitors get confused.
  • Empty spaces between objects. They help the visitor easily differentiate and recognize stuff.
  • Call to action must be placed above the fold, it should be clearly visible but it must not shout.


Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie and Fitch



Herschel Supply


Time is Money

This old saying time is money works in literal fashion in e-Commerce. That’s because each jiffy wasted results in money wasted.

Web users hate, absolutely hate it when they have to wait for the page to load. Even if the page does load after a while, it has already made a bad impression. The visitor is unlikely to make a buy now.

So what we need to understand is that we have to make design that is friendly with people.

People ignore design that ignores people.

Conclusion is that you should put great emphasis on creating designs that can be made using pure HTML (no pictures) and it should be able to load quickly.


  • Optimize images so they load quicker.
  • Keep the code minified.
  • Give load time the utmost importance.






Busted Tees


Gorgeous Product Photos

Paul Rand said that design is everything… but which is the only thing that is even more important than design? The product of course.

If your product isn’t looking absolutely stunning, then it won’t sell. You need gorgeous photos of the product. You can recommend the owner of the online store to hire a pro photographer to take screenshots.

I cannot emphasize enough how important are product photos.

These photos need to have everything beautiful about them. If the website is selling t-shirts for instance, the model, male or female, needs to good looking, the location should be good looking, all the accessories should be looking good, everything needs to be good looking. The product will sell like crazy.




Victoria’s Secret







Copy for Conviction

The content writer must pay attention to copy. The basic idea behind copy is to convince potential customers, to give them confidence. For that, quality, sizes, warranty and such things can be mentioned.

Vivid, image building words need to be used. Clarity and courtesy are also very important.

One more aspect is that copy should be as concise as possible. Keeping it concise will enable the visitor to make a quick decision, most likely a positive decision because you have not wasted his time.


Nasty Gal


Ray Ban


Road Runner Sport


Calling to Action

Call-to-Action needs to be clear and engaging. But sometimes, we make it mediocre looking when we try to make it look visible enough.

If your “buy” or “add to cart” button is not clearly visible, then even if you have convinced the visitor, sale won’t be made.

Usually, I feel that call-to-action looks best on plain white and solid black backgrounds.


Sonos Wireless




Give them Choices

Choices, everybody likes choices. You can give them choices in terms of sizes, colors and other attributes. You can also display related products that the customer may like to buy as addons or supplementary products.

If you place a section of supplementary or complimentary products, that can help you increase sales to a greater level.


Personalized Creations


Mod Cloth



Design is how it works. And your e-Commerce product page design can only work if it is clutter free, it is optimized for speed, it contains beautiful product photos and its copy is written to build customer confidence.

It must also not contain any design mistakes, such as invisible call-to-action or the customer does not get enough choices.

If you take care of these six aspects, you should be on your way to create beautiful, and high conversion rate product page designs.

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