This is a list of the best web builders online. Most of them are free. If you want to create your website yourself, this is what you are looking for.

Sometimes we have a difficult time communicating with web designers or web developers. We can’t understand them or they can’t understand us… it get’s messy. The solution to those problems is that we should use an online web builder and create the website our self. You’d be shocked to know how simple this stuff has become.

If you want to make a personal web page, business website or even an e-commerce business, you can do it all without even consulting with a web developer.

Here are some more Free Website Builders.

These web builders will help you to design your website, which is a very easy thing to do since all you do is drag and drop. There’s always guidance available for publicizing and other relevant stuff there is to running a website.

Free Web Builders

All these web builders offer free account but that doesn’t mean there’s no paid account. You’ll have to check whether you need a paid account or the free ones are enough.
This is a web builder designed for designers. This tool focuses especially to give shape to your imaginations. Of course, you don’t need any HTML knowledge to do that.

A premium online website builder.
Probably the most popular website builder on internet today. It suits everyone, it is updated regularly, you can choose from hundreds of designs, your site looks good to search engines, and you can get all this for free. What else can one want?

The best online web builder.
Aircus let business or individuals to create simple responsive website for free. They don’t need any technical knowledge, they just follow simple wizard. Created website works on all different devices from PC, tablets to mobile phones.

Aircus website builder
Features of Weebly are unmatched! On their free account, you can use your own domain name, you can place ads (Google Adsense etc.) but Weebly doesn’t place any ads. These features are very very hard to find in free packages.

Screenshot of

Another very popular web builder. It became popular instantly, thanks to highly valuable domain name. But on the other side, you don’t find many free subdomains available, most of the good user names are booked. Nevertheless, features are impressive and they are long runner, you can trust them and buy a premium package if you’d like to.

Let’s Eat
Quote from website: Restaurants are hard work. Websites shouldn’t be.
This is a website builder exclusively designed for restaurants and bars.

A free webiste builder for restaurants and bars.
Yola is very useful for small business owners. They love if for its tools and services. I found the price plans for paid packages a bit higher but they can be worth it.

A web builder for businessmen.
Using Webnode is a dream comes true for the newcomers, but techies don’t find it that attractive. It is fast, easy and free, these three words define Webnode in the best way but “easy” would be the written in bold words. You can also create a blog here. screenshot

Probably the best choice if you want to create an online store quickly. Fairly easy to use packed to Paypal transaction tools, ecommerce tools etc.If you are a photographer or a designers, having a personal shop online can be a very good idea.

A free online website builder for creating eCommerce shops.

Web Starts
Web Starts is not that popular actually, but it does happen to have quite a few virtues. One can use his own domain, that’s a huge convenience. Another perk of using this web builders is its compatibility with search engines.
Overall, this is a nice little web builder if you are a business user. Probably not that good for portfolios.

free online web builder with good SEO.
Doodle Kit
I just said WebStarts is not a ideal for making portfolios. On the other hand, Doodle Kit is perfect for portfolios, albums and gallery type stuff. Doodle Kit has been around for quite some time so it deserves your attention.

An intuitive free website builder.
This list can’t be completed without Moonfruit. Millions of websites are running on Moonfruit and it is one of the most popular web builders on the planet.

One of the most popular web builders online.
One of the oldest runners in online web builders. The most impressive feature I found here is that they give free $50 credits free website accounts. That’s odd, but they are doing it.

One of the oldest web builders online.
The best choice for creating personal pages. Very simple, very effective. You won’t get much search engine optimization or other techie stuff, but that’s why I only mentioned personal pages.

Free website builder for personal pages.
Relatively a new web builder but it has bagged a lot of success. Personally I don’t think this is good for you if you are DIYing a website for the first time. WiX (2nd in the list) should be a better one.

Web builder for professionals and business users.
Snap Pages
Like Roxer, SnapPages is ideal for creating personal pages but it also contains some high-end features.

A highly useful website builder for creating personal websites.
Created mainly for business users who want to do some kind of e-commerce on their website.

e-Commerce website builder.
This is a mixture of CMS and web builder. You’d love it if you work with word processors a lot.

A new website builder.
Google Sites
I almost forgot Google.
After the fall of Yahoo’s Geocities and MSN’s Windows Live Spaces, Google Sites is the lone surviving web builder from once troika of web builders.
Google sites focuses on collaborative sites, realtime collaboration portals etc.
To conclude, it is great choice for some, but many find it hectic and unnecessarily complicated. They find it so because they do not need collaborative features.

Google Sites is the website builder by search engine giant.

Premium Only Web Builders

This tool focuses on building multilingual professional websites. Of course, this is a businessman’s choice and they do deliver high-quality professional results.

Multilingual web builder for professional users.
An excellent web builder for creative people. They make it possible for you to create extra-ordinary results with barely ordinary effort.

Premium website builder for creative minds.
I’m amazed to see it is still running. This was the first ever web builder I’ve ever used back in 2004. AngelFire is another web builder made at Lycos (the other one is Tripod, mentioned above) and it works reliably.

Oldest web builder online.

Designed for e-commerce businessmen. If you want to sell things online but you have a difficult time communicating with designers and web developers, just use 350.

website builder for e-commerce online shop owners.

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