3 Tips to Spice up your WordPress Themes

WordPress blogs are most widely used and countless in numbers, that’s why you need to concentrate on little things to stand out of the crowd, if you want to have one too.

By little things I mean these WordPress Themes Tips:

  • headline & body font sizes
  • color combination
  • menu & widgets organization

Let’s focus on each aspect in greater detail. Every case will be given a good and a bad example so that you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Font Sizes

font sizes in wordpress design

Your readers should feel comfortable on your site. If you force them to read small letters and non-distinctive headlines, you’re playing a dangerous game with their trust.

For example, I wear glasses. If I need to focus very hard on every other sentence, I bet you can imagine it doesn’t give me much pleasure.

While it’s a bad idea to have extremely large letters, google up a few successful blogs from your niche and you’ll see that vast majority won’t have miniature letters.

Good Theme Example
Bad Theme Example

Color Combination


We all like different sets of colors, in this case you should remember that one can’t please everybody. On the other hand, there are several colors which shouldn’t be used as a dominant color on your websites intended for business purposes.

Avoid aggressive colors like:

  • purple
  • pink
  • red (red is actually great for important headlines, but not for your background)
  • teal

Then there are “boring” colors, such as:

  • brown
  • dark green
  • fallow
  • midnight blue
Good Theme Example

while it’s font size is small, colors are good

Bad Theme Example

PS: I really stress that I’m talking about business purposes. Brown would be obviously a great choice for a hobby site about anything related to woods…

Menu & Widgets organization


Imagine a perfect reader came to your site. You created a blog exactly for this type of person, what would you have him do? Try and test if your intended actions can even be done in the order you’d like.

  • make your categories well visible
  • include a distinctive, general call to action (e.g. list subscription)
  • do not use invading pop-ups and other such things
  • position your search bar somewhere on the top
Good Theme Example
Bad Theme Example

menu is almost invisible due to many useless curlicues

The list could go on. Just try to be your own reader, invite some friends to read your site or ask for a critique on the Warrior Forum. By perfecting your site you make yourself look like a professional. Why?

People buy from professionals.

Thank you for reading!

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