30 Fabulous Faces Illustrations

The difference between the good and the great art often lie in simplest of subtilities that make a picture flourish with life. One of the hardest part of creating or painting a character is getting that touch of life, that little spark that makes that character so much more than a piece of art, but something real. I’ve gathered here today for you viewing pleasure, 30 pieces of art that I feel have captured that essense, I hope you enjoy.

Vladimir by *Id-Boomer

Sheik by `budgie

An overwhelming question by *shley77

Kali by ~BonsaiMechaGirl

Capricorn by *sylphielmetallium

SPN: Castiel again by =brilcrist

Rotor by `lolita-art

Red Orange by `lolita-art

Sketches XI by =charlie140588

Discovering Muse Final? by =Cacodaemonia

Claudia by `budgie

LMS by `adonihs

Wet by =vixen21

+bones by *Twelfth

Raskolnikov by ~shichinin-tai

Vampire by *whmurai

After Dinner by ~bloodtaster

Friend Portrait by *Jujika

My Mug by *luciole

Breezy Day <>by `Artgerm


<>Jashin’s Apostle by *pokefreak


<>The Beginning by `budgie

You’re My Favourite Book by ^lone-momo

Mhiet’e. by ~navate

Raik by `lolita-art

Nelisande by *acidlullaby

Beautiful Imperfection by *Negshin

L.M.S Teaser Poster – by `adonihs

IREZUMI by *Bonhwa

Resurrection by *nell-fallcard

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