Europe is the real home of street art and modern art. But do you know that almost each European country has its own distinct flavors in street art?

France is quite political. The graffiti and quotes you see in street art are full of progressive political messages. Humor element can be found in the street art of UK and Russia.
From a designer’s point of view, Spain uses lots and lots of colors. Italy and Germany use women portraits in most of their street artworks.

I have separated all these countries individually so you can easily spot the cultural differences in their art and thinking.

I should clarify that I made the titles you will see below. But of course, the artworks are properly credited to the artists. Sometimes these artists use a codename as they want to avoid authorities so we are also quoting them with their codenames.


European Street Art

Street Art in France

Complications by Karo Trass

The use of colors with these expressions is just spot on.


The Half Face by C215

A true artist sees what a common human cannot. This artist who uses a codename for his work has seen wall with plaster broken off… and he saw something a common man could not.

Half Face

Black Among Colors by Arm Crew

Paris has a unique flavor in graffiti art. This is just another example.

Black in the colors

See and Say by Shaka and Nosbe

A wall in Morangis gets a creative makeover.

See and Say

Love and Lust by Karo Trass

I’m really impressed with this artist, Karo Trass. The way she presents human emotion is a forte.

Love and Lust

Sheikh USA by Mas Sgt

The Arab head veil thing (I don’t know what it is called) carries a tag. Notice what’s written on it.

Sheikh USA

The Serious One by Logick

Painting on the streets of Lille, France is definitely the work of a joker.

The Joker

Hear no evil by Mdeg

Niort, France is told not to hear anything bad.

Don't hear bad

Street Art in Germany

Wall Against Wall by Karl Addison and James

Painting women’s faces is pretty common in Germany. You can find faces of models, actresses and even politicians.

Wall behind wall

Hifi by Hifi

Bochum is the town where this artist called Hifi walls often get a hi-fi makeover.


Innocent Evil by Mto

Berlin has the perfect combination of evil and innocence.

Innocent Evil

Between You and Me by Atlas1 and Desone

This is another masterpiece from Berlin. This is one of my favorites in the list.

Between you and me

The Burning Train by Cren

Even though Germany’s local transport is one of the best ones in the world, but Cren doesn’t agree.

The Burning Train

Who’s Speaking Inside You by Hifi

Hifi is back with another semi-abstract artwork.

Whos Speaking Inside You

Egypt by Mkg

Wanna see Egypt? Book your ticket to Germany then.

Egypt in Germany

The Amazed Wall by Karl Addison and James

The duo is back with another amazing painting.

The Amazed Wall

Wall Painting by Dige and Aim

This is a complete artwork. It is being exhibited on a street in Berlin.

Wall Painting

Street Art in Italy

Smoking Hot by Spooz

Even in Italy, women’s portraits are very very common in street art.

Smoking Hot

Praying Hands by Lucca

Italy is a religious country, being the home of Vatican. Such messages and graffiti pieces are common.

Praying Hands

The Deadly Wink by James Kalinda and Centina

Italy is famous for many things. One of them are mafia dons.

The Evil Wink

Pyramid’s Eye by Sea

Milan is the world’s capital of Fashion and weird graffiti.

Pyramids Eye

The Kiss is Near by Zilda

Does this creature remind anyone of the dementors? (Harry Potter reference.)

The Kiss is Near

Street Art in Spain

Colors of a Library by Zosen and Pez

This is the outer wall of a library in San Adrian.

Colors of a Library

Bedroom Eyes by Registered Kid

This is a wall painting in Barcelona. This city is known for its pocket pickers and world’s best soccer team.

Bedroom Eyes

Lines by Kraser

This abstract artwork one of my favorites in this list.


Open Eye by Aranjuez

This image represents that our sight, our vision is barred.

Open Eye

The Dead Faces by Cisco

Urban Culture

Street Art in UK

Shines by Philth

One of the great things about it is that it looks great even in night.


Power Holders by Church Street

There are always three that share the power.

Power Holders

Cross, Sword and Doughnut by Nuneaton

Humor and satire pretty common in UK’s street art.

Sword and The Cross

Monalalala by Pegasus

Forget Louvre, visit London. That’s Where Mona actually lives.


Dark Lips Bright Eyes by Rone

This is one of my favorites in this list.

Dark Lips Bright Eyes

Colorful Wall by Cageone

Rainbow colors imply to many sections of society.

Colorful Wall

Street Art in Russia

Dragon Ride by Grino, Mednoy, Kanevsky and Lazymonkey

Peter Pan rides a dragon… is it?

Dragon Ride

Chick Fight by Morik

This is a brutal chick fight and its tradition must be stopped.

Chick Fight

Disappointed Eyes by Wert159

St. Petersburg is the home to political graffiti.

Eyes That See but Do Not

I’m Hungry by Nomerz

This was basically a door. Nomerz thought this can be more.

I'm Hungry

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