We all draw with pencil. No notebook is ever complete without a few sketches on beginning few pages and ending pages… but most of cannot create 3D pencil sketch artworks.

Most people cannot, but some can. There are some exceptionally talented people who can do it well. And the best of the best ones are featured here.

This collection includes 3D pencil drawings by Fredo, Alessandro Diddi, Ramon and some other sketch artists who really boggle the mind with their skills.

Here are the artworks.

Examples of 3D Pencil Sketch Art

Happy New Year

3D pencil sketch work for the occasion.


Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower is one of the world’s most iconic landmarks, this is why it has been sketched and painted so many times that one needs really exceptional talent to be recognized with a sketch of this legendary structure.

iefel tower

Sailing by Ship

A sketch does not have to fit on one page.


Floor Trap

This an abstract sketch, one of my favorites from the list.

Floor Trap 3D Pencil Drawing


This is another sketch from the same artist.

Demolishing 3D Pencil Sketch

Tiger and Owl

Now let’s add some colors to our sketches.

Tiger and Owl-3D-Pencils-Drawings

World Cup Pencil Drawing

Alessandro Diddi designed this for the football (soccer) world cup, last year.


Snake Sketch 3D Pencil Work

Looha is a member of DeviantArt. Her artworks are absolutely gorgeous.


Gimme that pencil

Alessandro Diddi is back with a cute sketch.

By the way, if you like squirrels, you should check out the article about squirrel facts and squirrel photos.

3-D squrrel_pencil Drawing

Revolver Pistol Hunting 3D Pencil Work

This is an exceptional artwork, one of my favorites from the list.

Revolver-Pistol 3D Pencil scketch

Spiderman by Ferdi

So who’s your favorite superhero? Mine is Spider Man because Superman and Batman are too easy to draw.

Tree 3D Art by Julia Barinova

Dead tree and empty swing… childhood is gone after all. But wait a minute, there are new leaves sprouting out of branches. Spring is coming, no need to be sad now.


Music Abstract Art

This is another artwork designed by Fredo.

Music_Abstract Art byfredo

Fractal Creations

And here’s Fredo himself.


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