Creating something in 3D Max is a tough job. Creating a realistic 3D graphic is harder than creating a realistic 3D graphic within 10 minutes.

Now that is something, isn’t it?. And that is exactly what I’ll be teaching you today.

How to make a realistic Wine Glass in just 10 minutes with the help of 3D Studio Max.

Final Result

Tutorial for Model Making

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Click on the shapes button and then select the Line button to activate the line command.


Draw a line in the front view port like this.

modeling tutorial

Select second vertex from the top.

modeling tutorial

3D Studio Max

Right click the selected vertex and choose Smooth.

3D Graphics

Then select other bottom vertex as shown in the picture below.

3D Training

Use Fillet Command.

3D modeling guide

Now use the Fillet command to get this result.

guide for realistic modeling

Next, apply lathe modifier and click the Min button from Align group.

Usage tips

You will  have this type of shape. You may use F3 and F4 for wire frame and shaded view.

Realisitic model making

Apply Shell modifier for glass thickness. You may change outer amount to modify it further.

Tutorial of Graphics

Now you can see your wine glass first gray version.

Wine Glass tutorial in 3D max

Now it’s time to switch to your V-ray renderer – press F10…

Tutorial Tips

…and choose V-ray as the default renderer.

3D Max Tuts

Draw a V-ray plane and put some floor material on it.


Press M to activate material editor and choose V-ray material. Press OK.

definitions guide

Set Reflect color to R=22, G=22, B=22


Set Refrect color to R=255, G=255, B=255

3d realistic wine glass tutorial

Set max Depth to 10 in both reflect and refract options.


Turn on reflect on back side in options group.

Studio Max

Click on background to view your glass material.

3D Studio Max

Place two V-ray lights like this and set the multiplier to 45.

3D tutorial

We’re finished here. Now press F10 and turn on indirect illumination and set irradiance value to very low. After first render you can increase the value to get a better result.

Free Tutorial

I have added some water drops made with sphere and a teapot for more details.

Press F9 to render and enjoy your realistic wine glass.

Tutorial for Model Making

My previous tutorial was about artwork, today I’m changing the mood a bit. Please comment and tell me what kind of tutorials do you like the most.

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