The display of a site or blog goes a long way in influencing your audience. People love to come to a site that is easy on the eyes and makes them feel explore more. Now, this is not to say that all the sites have to be simple to gain eyeballs. Certainly not but there is no denying the fact that simplicity is beauty. This is why there is a great demand for WordPress themes with white and clean layout. These themes are not a hit just among the bloggers but also among others.

You can easily find eCommerce stores and gaming sites that are based on such templates. So, what is it that makes these templates so sought-after? Well, they are very efficient and fast loading. They are crisp and go down well with those who are focused on functionality. If you too are among such themes’ seekers then we have something for you.

Today, we bring for you a collection of 45 themes based on the white and minimal layout. We have shortlisted them from various marketplaces and tried to sort the best. So, have a look and check out the samples. We are sure you would like them.

Clean WordPress Themes


1. OnePage


Minimalism finds best representation in OnePage. This white and clean single page WordPress theme features a creative Drag and Drop homepage layout and unique blog layouts. It is also responsive and loads perfectly on all viewing devices. The clean, handcrafted code drives the speed further and makes your site load fast. OnePage is seriously a prized proposition.

2. Legalized


Legalized is a special theme that has been perfected for lawyers, law firms, judges, legal corporations, justice corporations and for any legal and law related businesses. The theme makes use of white space and gives your content the best packaging on all kinds of screen sizes. Do, go for it.

3. Schema


Schema is a magnificent combination of speed and style. This ultra-SEO friendly WordPress theme carries all the best MyThemeShop features. It is very smart and makes use of white space and minimal layout. Your content will get best rendering with it and look fabulous on all screen sizes.

4. Epsilon


Epsilon is an advanced theme with sectioned based design and a diverse infusion of background textures and patterns. The template is all about being cool and crisp. Loaded with a white minimal layout, it is very easy on the eyes and makes you very conspicuous.

5. Wedding


Looking for a neat and attractive wedding theme that would give you great results? Well, Wedding is the right choice as it is very beautiful and minimal. This responsive theme has been built with Bootstrap and is compatible with all the major browsers. Its features are fully appropriate and give you best service.

6. Zeon


Zeon is an engaging and effective eCommerce WordPress theme with clean, modern, responsive design and a complete set of powerful eCommerce features. It is very straightforward and makes use of white space to give your shop a tidy look. It is also integrated with WooCommerce.

7. Video


Dedicated to moving images, Video is a dynamic and lightweight WordPress theme that is focused on making your videos look awesome. It is very smart and gets going just after installation. The theme has got everything you need to share videos from different sites as well as self-hosted videos.

8. Elvyre


If you are looking for an effective and energetic retina-ready theme then Elvyre is the way to go. It is modern, clean and elegant. The theme is fully responsive and jam packed with great features. The theme is also very minimal and comes with a clean layout which makes it all the more sought-after.

9. Nexus


Nexus is a gem of a theme as it gives you full control over your site. Loaded with contemporary features that produce top class functionality, this template features a white and clean layout that imparts it superb precision. It is really a rocking choice for all and one.

10. DesignBlog


DesignBlog is a tidy blogging theme that has been created for web designers and developers. It is very professional and uses lot of white space which gives enough breathing room to every element on your site. You will truly love this template and give it a ten on ten.

11. Eat


Eat is a very yummy theme that is ideal for creating an online shop to present your cafe, restaurant or bar. The theme is very beautiful and uses interactive visual elements to engage audience. Its features are also up-to-date and follow the latest practices in SEO.

12. Chapelco


Chapelco, from RocketTheme, is a professional theme that creates a fine balance between design and functionality. The template is very strong and utilizes white, clean layout so that you stand out in style and gain maximum eyeballs.

13. Hudson


Hudson is a WooCommerce theme that comes with minimalist, modern, clean design and a complete set of useful eCommerce features. The theme is very easy to manage and since it has been loaded with a white clean layout, your online store looks very cool and inviting. It is definitely a must-check.

14. Corporate Response

Corporate Response is a clean WordPress theme

Packed with latest features and a fully responsive layout, Corporate Response is a great WordPress theme. It is very easy to setup and carries every tool that you will ever need to make the best impression on your audience. Its white, clean layout gives you great display and your site looks sharp on all screen sizes and resolutions.

15. Spike


Do try out the demo of this bright and lively blog theme from MyThemeShop. Spike is completely colorful and comes packed with a sleek post slider and the best optimizations. It utilizes white, clean layout and carries latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques.

16. Pin Grid

Pin Grid

Pin Grid is perfect for any creative designer and comes with a clean design, minimal layout and infinite scroll. It is totally mobile friendly and loads well on all types of viewing devices. The template is a terrific trick to top the charts in the cyberspace.

17. Life Coach

Life Coach

Life Coach has been created for Coaches & Authors. It is a cool combination of speed and SEO optimized code that makes your website unstoppable. The theme uses white clean layout and thus, gives your site best presentation.

18. Block Magazine

Block Magazine

Block Magazine comes with a masonry style responsive layout. It is very simple, fresh and suited for all blogs or magazine websites. The template is super solid and gives you great service on all types of viewing platforms.

19. WP Newspaper

WP Newspaper

WP Newspaper is an amazing newspaper theme that lets you deliver your content in a very neat and clean manner. It comes with all the features you need to build a nifty newspaper site. Loaded with a white clean layout, the template is all about being clean, crisp and catchy. You will love it for sure.

20. Exclusy


Exclusy, from MojoThemes, is a minimal and efficient portfolio theme that will give your website a fresh new look. The theme is very modern and strikes the right note between looking attractive and substantive. It is a very balanced template with all the contemporary features and hence, a must-have.

21. Emporium


Meet Emporium- a simple yet powerful theme that has been designed to make online selling fast, easy and affordable. It comes with awesome built-in features and is also compatible with WooCommerce. Since, it uses a white clean layout the display is very neat and your audience find your site super serene.

22. FoodBlog

Food Blog

FoodBlog is a cool WordPress magazine theme for Food Bloggers & Food Websites. It is a thorough professional and has been built using the latest techniques. The theme brings maximum exposure for your content and delivers everything in a stylish way on different types of viewing platforms.

23. GoMedia

Go Media

Meant for content centric blogs and sites, GoMedia is a fantastic theme that will take you to awesome heights with its form and functionality. This fresh magazine theme with a modern, elegant design and fully responsive layout is a treat for all the new-age bloggers and will make your content shine bright on diverse screen sizes.

24. Everest


If you are looking for some out of the box design then Everest is just the right theme for you. It possesses beautiful weather icons, fresh typography and cool gradient backgrounds. The theme lets you explore many great design details and technological features. You will like it a great deal.

25. Logo Designer

Logo Designer is a powerful yet clean WordPress theme

Logo Designer is a classic theme for all those who want to showcase their work in a neat and clean form and especially suited for creative professionals. Its clean design, minimal layout and mobile friendly design give you a great head start as your audience will love your site and so will the search engines.

26. Nite


Nite is a very new and nifty theme that comes with some very unique features and catches instant attention of audience and visitors. The theme is based on a white clean layout and responds to all types of screen sizes and resolutions. You will really find it useful and it will also wield quick results.

27. Lucid


Lucid is a stylish and modern magazine theme that can carry tons of content in a clean and catchy manner. The theme is very minimalist and thus, loads fast giving you amazing display on all types of screen sizes. You just need to bring it at the backend and everything else falls in place.

28. BlogPress

Blog Press

SEO and speed are the USP of BlogPress. This cool and extremely fast theme follows the industry standards like Google Pagespeed, Pingdom, Schema, Microdata and many more. It has been developed to give great performance and lives true to its name. The template is definitely a must-have.

29. Insider


Here is Insider- a modern, new and creative theme that is ideal for Magazines, News, and Blog websites. It is very mobile friendly and hence, caters to all types of audience. You should really try its demo.

30. UBlog


UBlog is a clean, minimal, modern and responsive WordPress theme that was released very recently. The theme supports 8 post formats (Standard, Gallery, Link, Quote, Video, Image, Status and Audio). It offers various styling options and is also ready for customization. The theme, truly, is a complete package.

31. Andreas


Bundled with a rich arsenal of modern and useful features; Andreas is a flat and minimal WordPress theme. It is super stylish and gets going without any hassle. The white minimal layout is an add-on that also aids speed and display.

32. Pinstagram


Pinstagram lights up your site with its million dollar features. This Pinterest-inspired WordPress theme comes with the trademark grid layout, multiple post sizes and long list of posts. It is very easy to navigate and operate. All the stakeholders will give it full marks for being so awesome.

33. iCook


iCook, an aptly named theme, is a Food/Recipe WordPress theme that comes with clean, responsive design and some nice features specially created for your cuisine related site. The theme makes use of white clean layout and delivers everything in a neat and natty manner. Your audience will find it super fantastic.

34. Video Theme

Video Theme

Video is dedicated to moving images. This responsive and feature-rich theme is ideal for videographers, film makers and the like. Loaded with a clean design and minimal layout; the theme is very stylish and gives you great service on all viewing platforms.

35. Delivery Lite


Delivery Lite is a lightweight and very easy-to-use WordPress theme. It is very crisp and comes with a white minimal layout setting up which is super easy and helps you change the world in simple easy steps.

36. Corner


With unlimited color variations, infinite scrolling and many other contemporary features; Corner is a fabulous theme for creative professionals. It derives inspiration from Pinterest and gives you all that you need to publish your favorite photos or videos. The theme is very crisp and starts delivering just after installation.

37. Starting Up

Starting Up

Starting Up is a perfect multipurpose theme that is packed with all the modern features one needs to get started and get going. It is responsive, offers multiple styling, built-in portfolio, WooCommerce readiness and many other features. You will like it greatly as it will deliver like a pro just after installation.

38. Medicate


Medicate is a premium niche WordPress theme that has been designed for health/medical websites and blogs. It is very advanced and loaded with all the good features one requires in order to build a complete site in this segment.

39. Novelty


Loaded with bold, modern and mobile friendly design; Novelty is a premium Magazine WordPress theme with lots of great features to power your news or content sharing website. It is very free flowing and crisp in display. Your audience will instantly take a liking to it and you will be also happy with the results.

40. Hadron


Say hi to Hadron- a contemporary and flat design theme with rich animations. Its flat visuals are the central theme but the functionality is also topnotch. With it, you will get all that you have been looking for and it will really sweep you off your feet.

41. Healthy Living


Healthy Living is a modern, simple and well rounded blogging theme. Its beautiful design, typography and the advanced features give your content deserved spotlight and draw the readers right in. The theme can easily catapult your blog to superb heights.

42. BuyShop

Buy Shop is an eCommerce theme for WordPress

Here is an eCommerce theme that lets you create the shop of your dreams. BuyShop is very brilliant and customizable. You can mold it in any shape and get the best results in record time. The template is really worth paying attention to.

43. VideoMag


VideoMag is a very powerful and responsive Video WordPress theme. It has been designed for video magazine, video blog or video portal. The theme is very crisp and lets you share videos from various websites. Get it as soon as you can.

44. Deals


Deals is a wonderful WordPress Coupon theme that helps you create a powerful coupon site in minutes. You can earn lots of affiliate commission through coupon codes, vouchers, printable coupons and promotions. Do get it and get going like a pro.

45. NewsTimes


NewsTimes, from MyThemeShop, is a very attractive, pixel perfect and tech-savvy theme that comes with an ultra responsive design. It features hand-written HTML5/CSS3, loads incredibly fast and features SEO optimization. The theme is ideal for all those who want to set up a news or content centric site.

I’ll be back with another collection of WordPress themes next week, until then, take care.

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