Fourth of July or Independence Day marks the adoption of Declaration of Independence. That was way back on July 4th, 1776. That was when thirteen American colonies, which were at war with Great Britain at that time, announced themselves as the independent, sovereign country United States of America.

Much time has passed since that historic 4th of July, but some things remain constant. The never bowing, never submitting will stays alive. The passion of freedom, the lifestyle of care and respect is what we still admire.

So here are 4th of july pictures that you will enjoy and admire!

Folly Beach

United States flags wave at Folly Beach pier.

flags on beach

Love it or leave it

US is a country that you love it or you leave it.

love america

The Black Eagles

KAI T-50B Golden Eagle fighter jets fill the air with colored smoke. American Flag colored smoke.

Air parade in america

American flag cake

Eat all you want. America is a free country. 🙂

sweet desert of independence day

Independence Day

The star spangled banner waves proudly.

Happy independence day

Chrysanthemum of light

Behind capital hill, the fireworks light the sky and celebrate 4th of July.

Washington DC

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to all!

american flag in drops

You’re the emblem of The land I love.

God Bless America and everybody else.

love my country

4th July Independence Day

The independence day is celebrated throughout the country.

4th of the july

In the water

Reflections of freedom. The US flag is reflected in water.

american water glass

Happy 4th of July!

Even the man’s best friend knows it’s time to celebrate.

pets celebrating independance day

Tootsie Roll

All of the industries create special products for the 4th of July holidays. Here’s my favorite thing to eat and celebrate my freedom 😛

famous roll of america

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam wants YOU to celebrate. Appropriate for 4th of july pictures.

uncle sam's america

4th July Girls

Girls rocking out on 4th of July independence day.

girls love america

USA Celebrating 4th july

Independence day fireworks in night. A view from New York skyline.

USA 4th july fireworks

July 4th, Bento!

There’s no holiday, without Bento.

Independence dishes

4th July Ice Cream

Flavors of freedom. Even little girls know its time to celebrate. 🙂

taste america


Cute but patriotic.

cute baby

New York City

New York is getting ready for fireworks in the evening.

celebrating on beach

America Face Paint

Those eyes… those patriotic eyes!

american Flag face

South Street Photo

Celebration is all about family life. There’s nothing more fun than celebrating it with family.

Pedestrane parade

Baby in fireworks

Can you see the will in this little guy’s eyes.

cute celebration

Wild West

America is not made in a day. The braves of the land have made it what it is today.

wild west independence day

Catching Flowers

love nature


Motivation, commitment, courage and respect are the golden words for a true American.

love for america

Loons In The Independence day Parade

There are many ways to celebrate 4th of July. Celebrating it on a Harley Davidson has to be the best way.

biker boys parade

Colors of Flag

The classic red, white and blue shines out from the rest.

falg colors

I am Happy

Our ancestors worked hard, fought, died and did everything in their power just to put this smile on this little guys face. That is what patriotism is all about.

happy kid


This photography technique is called light painting.

light painting

Ridgewood New Jersey Parade

New Jersey parade is my favorite July 4th Parade.

parade of america


Yes, you do need a pin on your suit for the day.

american pins of army

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