5 Reasons No One Likes Your Instagram Photos


Everyone’s a photographer now thanks to Instagram. It allows even the most novice of people to post their latest musings, sight-seeing, and party life via pictures. However, not everyone’s Instagram photos are appreciated.

If you find that many people don’t have kinds words to say on your Instagram page, there may be cause for concern.

Here’s some reasons why people don’t seem to like what you have to post. These are amateur photography tips for shooting super-hit Instagram photos. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll bag loads of praise.

1. Self Portraits

Self Portraits

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There’s a time and place for just about everything. If you really need a picture of yourself because no one’s around to take the photo, that’s fine. But if you’re taking a picture to show off your latest body piercing, tattoo, or just to fish for compliments, you need to stop now. Self portraits tend to make others aware of your constant need to be the center of attention. They also make you look like you have nothing better to do. If this is you, do everyone a favor and get a hobby.

2. Food & Drink

Food and Drink

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You’ve probably made a home made dish that made you extremely proud of. However, posting the finished product to Instagram may not be the best way to prove that you’re the next Emeril Lagasse. This usually applies more to people that have such an urge to post food pictures that their diet is known to the world. If you must post food pictures, please refrain from doing it daily, and at least make it something that people can’t get at their local Starbucks or Applebee’s.

3. Kids


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If you’re a parent, most Instagram followers will accept the fact that you want to post pictures of your children. However, posting these photos in moderation is the key. Once your profile is essentially a collage of your children’s life and not of your own, people become withdrawn and tiresome. No one cares if your kid was Batman for Halloween or had his or her first baseball game. If you’re so enthralled with your kid’s life and not your own accomplishments, your personality begins to fade, as do your Instagram pictures.

4. Shoes


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Everyone likes the chance to show off their latest footwear purchase. Whether you just bought some Converse All-Stars in a rare color or you’re wearing 6 inch stilettos, you want people to notice. Despite the urge to post pictures of your shoes from your above perspective, you may want to think twice. Shoe pictures tend to emit a smug, self-centered aura from you to Instagram users. If you want to show off your shoes, please, do it with your friends and save everyone from having to realize that your footwear defines your personality.

5. Boastful Pictures

Boastful Pictures

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You’ve seen it before. Your buddy, or perhaps a complete stranger, has just had the vacation of a lifetime. But do you really need to see your friend with a cocktail overlooking a beach? The gesture reeks of peer approval. So, even though you have one of the best android phones, don’t take so many pictures and actually explore your vacation destination. Take pictures of the interesting or rare sights and avoid taking beach pictures like the plague.

While there may be some loopholes in these categories, avoiding them will make Instagram followers appreciate you all the more.

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