When thinking about the creation of the article of 50 websites with food photography backgrounds I was sure that it would take just a few hours. I thought “Hey, there are so many fantastic photos of fresh fruits, exotic dishes and sweet chocolates that I’ll create the most mouthwatering post ever.” That’s why I started working with great enthusiasm. While dreaming about nourishing food I’ve found 10 great restaurant websites and stopped at a loss. There were too little websites with food (and drinks) photography backgrounds. For me it was a bad discovery! Now I know and want you to know that food and catering related websites rarely use mouthwatering backgrounds. But rarely doesn’t mean never.

At least I’ve found 50 nice-looking cafe and restaurant websites that are worth of your attention. While researching tasty web designs I’ve noticed that there are a lot of small and middle-sized images of foods and drinks. Almost all those images look realistic and I’m sure that a photographer spent a lot of time to get such great results. Site visitors will remember each image and come back to find the address of the restaurant. So why not to choose bigger photos to gain more success?

In general web designers use image sliders with full-screen images to arrange sites backgrounds. It always looks original and interesting. Sometimes pictures are so great that you forget about everything and wait for the next slide. It creates a powerful customers involvement in your cooking business and brings them a strong motivation to visit your cafe/bar/restaurant/shop. It happens that web designers and restaurateurs choose a single photo for a website’s background. It also works well because you can perfectly combine an image with pages’ layout and content. Both these types of backgrounds fit food and catering related websites, so you’re welcome to choose the one you like more. Everything depends on your requirements and creative thinking.

You probably know that large background images are widely spread on the web. Millions of web designers use professional images to focus customers’ attention on products they sell. If photos are well matched they make the website alive. In case photos are not so good you’re failed! So if you have memorable and mouthwatering photos of fresh fruits or delicious deserts, people will forgive you bad dishes descriptions, complex site navigation, inconvenient pages layout and perhaps even high prices in a restaurant menu.

Eye-catchy images will always help you create an impressive restaurant website, but there is a thing to remember: don’t kill your site by showcasing stock photos. When viewing beautiful images of dishes on a web page people expect to taste them in the restaurant. Make sure that your dishes from a menu look similar to those from a website.

Ok, that’s all for today! And if you want to have a cafe or restaurant website with a big photo background you can get inspired by viewing these 50 mouthwatering web designs.

Food Photography Backgrounds


a bakery website.

Eating in Sydney

a diner in a cafe.

L’auberge de l’ill

50 Mouthwatering Websites with Food Photography Backgrounds

Six Senses

Hot Spicy effect in web design.

La Maddalena

Delicious Food Photography example.

Yoppings Pizzaq

Web design of a pizza parlour.

Gastronomy & Equilibrium

Colorful food photography.

Lorenzo Bocchi

Things look tasty when properly photograhed.


Using models for food photography.


a web design of a burger maker.

La Gallina Che Fuma

chinese food photography


That's a tummy filling sandwich.

Pizzeria Napoli Centrale

Coffee House

Chocolate cake food photography


Green muffins in food photography.

The square

Simple background with extra ordinary result. Some food over a leaf.

Roux at Parliament Square

Butter on a tawwa.

O Bolo Rei

Otto Pizza

Inspiration for designing pizza shops.

Au Petit Panisse

inspiration for designing coffee shops.

Sakura Sushi

Food photography never looked more tasty.


cookies with milk.

Paysan Couscous

mass of food items.

Cannolificio Mongibello

Themed Food Photography.

Byu for Less

Homepage of a canteen site.

Tango Pizza

A pizza on wood.

Rick Erwin’s West End Grille

Thick Texas style beef.

Smokey Bones

bar, coffeeshop or diner's cool web design

Stoneridge Orchards

Jubble Bubble Tea

Tea Caffe website.

Mangia Bene

Pizza food photography

Farmhouse Fare

50 Mouthwatering Websites with Food Photography Backgrounds

The Claw Bar

All the deliciousness in a photo.

The Paper Mill

Photography of Food


fruit and food photography.

Sweet Basil Vail

Beef roast


lots of plates

La Porte Sainte Claire

food photography


Food Photography on iPhone.

G2 Geogeske

Wine, the queen alcohol.


food photography of flower patterned muffins.

Hot Chocolate

50 Mouthwatering Websites with Food Photography Backgrounds


Can they look yummy? Yes, if they are photographed properly.


just a plate in the background. Sometimes photography is just another name for simplicity.

Nortorf Grill

food photography of a pizza.

Guy Savoy

just some snack.

Pierre Marcolini

Bakoch Dessert

Chocolate food photography.

Green & Black’s

Chocolate is the most important stuff.


a site of burgers.

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