7 Free Websites to Download Premium Level PSD Files

After air, food and water, the most important thing for a designer is free resources.
And the most difficult to find resources are free PSDs.

So today I decided to create a list of websites which provide free PSDs, vectors, photos and other files. All files should be free of cost.

The first site in the list is a search engine for finding free graphics (I think just that site alone could be enough for any designer) and the rest of the sites are providers of free downloads.


This is an important site if you work with PSDs, photos and vectors. This is not really download site but a search engine for freely available graphics. Let me describe just this one in detail.

Freepik is a helpful search engine which will make much easier the work of web and graphic designers while looking for high quality photos, vectors, artwork and PSD files for their creative projects.

Download free PSD, AI, and other graphics.

Freepik enables the user to find free graphic files on the internet and displays the results orderly according to the user’s criteria, so that it is easier to find the very needed files without having to search manually dozens of different websites.¬†Once the user has found the desired file, s/he’s redirected to the site where it dwells, making sure honestly that no author’s rights are violated and that the user gets to interact directly with the host site.

It visits hundreds of websites for you, looking for graphic resources, reading their contents and analyzing them with an algorythm that determines the value of the content, according to their quality and relevance.|
Their aim is to become one of the main sources to which users would resort to when looking for free pictorial files, apart from being an essential tool for web designers.

“The idea of developing this project came from our personal need -as experienced web designers- of finding quickly the resorces (free if possible) that our projects required for our own designs.” A procedure that, too often, involved having to look manually for such contents in a large number of different websites, with the consequential magnification of the amount of time required for it.

Looking to the future, they stay loyal to the original idea of providing a gratiutous and trustworthy tool for web designers. Besides intending to increase the interaction with the users by providing them with the means to propose, vote and classify; making eventually our contents even better.
Thanks for reading the lengthy paragraph above, I won’t take that much time now.

This site provides free high quality PSD files. Download, and use, simple as that.

High Quality PSD files download.

A relatively new site, getting very popular these days!

free downloads available

Free PSD Files
The quality is awesome but the library isn’t that big.


Official PSDs
Here, the quality isn’t that level but quantity is good and all the main routine graphics can found here.

Download free graphics

Photoshop Files
One of the most popular PSD downloads sites available.

free downloads available

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