Creativity is the outcome of how you imagine and assume. Habits soothe our behavior. Practicing the habits to boost up creative thinking empower you to break the impediment of feasible things. Creative thinking leads to better skills and the capability to get through harsh situations. According to a report released by Adobe in 2012, creativity also leads to economic growth, along with adding significance to the business and society. In keeping with a survey there are 60% individuals who admitted the importance of creativity in their lives. But unfortunately only 1 in 4 presumes that they are living equal to their creative capacity.

Habits allow us to work more competently and help us concentrate on our projects. But sometimes habits also become a great deal of interference in the way of our important work. A mere separation of these habits from those that serve you in better way can bring a huge positive change for you. You just need to make sure that you are not wasting your precious energy on useless habits that seem harmless at the time but hold great impact on a person’s working capacity.

Luckily designers and writers know the significance of creativity impact of habits on their work, so they are always in search of habits that can help them boost up their creativity sense. This post includes different tactics, processes and tools to enhance creativity and eliminate roadblocks in its way.

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Guidelines to Enhance Creativity:

Learn Something New

To enhance your creative sense, you need to learn something new every day. You can go online and read daily articles, posts or quotes to do so. It will not only be informative but also give you ideas and thoughts for your work. You need to take time while working to learn a new life lesson or motivational words or a useful skill.

Do not get unnecessary affect

Steve Jobs said:

“Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. You can change it. You can influence it. You can build your own things that other people can use.”

Do not let others’ success be an influence on your work. Creative minds never let other people’s accomplishments stand in the way of their own. If you want to do something, be confident that you can, then spend a sufficient amount of time to think on it. Always remember that everything is a creation of some individual like you and they did not have any super power. If they could do it, you can do it better than them.

Work in Silence

In order to keep your creative thoughts running, you need to develop a habit of working in silent environment. A creative mind works better when there are less distractions and disturbances.  Leo Babuata treats it as number one habit of highly creative minds by saying:

“Creativity flourishes in solitude. With quiet, you can hear your thoughts, you can reach deep within yourself, and you can focus.”

When you sit alone in a quiet surrounding, you will notice that your mind is flooding with thoughts and ideas. A tiny distraction like sound of someone’s talking on phone, footsteps, chewing something crispy etc can result into a big roadblock in the way of a creative thought. You must take exclusive time for creative thinking like you do it for your important projects and business. A time without distraction and focus are two main pillars of creative ideas.

Work in silence, let your success make the noise

Collection of Ideas

Try to develop a habit of keeping a log of your creative thoughts. Whenever something new strikes your mind, note it down. When you have enough collection of ideas then unite them and see what it brings you.  Author of “Where Good Ideas Come From”, Steven Johnson said:

“Great creative ideas aren’t rocket science or moon shots. They come from borrowing others’ ideas and combining them with our own. The chance of good ideas striking, he says, “favors the connected mind.”

Einstein said:

“Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

Keeping a record of all the thoughts and inspirations you encounter, improves idea preservation and recombination. You can use any digital notebook like Evernote or Pocket for this purpose.

Collection of Ideas

Make a connection

By developing a connection between all the gathered facts, you can create something new and different. Don’t stay fixed to your natural skill, instead make something fresh and innovative from already present old ideas. Your clients rely on you for new and different prospective, so don’t bore them with something they already know. You can do it by linking one fact to other and creating relativity between them.  Steve Jobs said:

“Creativity is just connecting the dots. Creative thinkers produce ideas by finding the relationship between facts. Facts merely on their own are useless until one sees the connection between them.”

Keep a broad prospective

To enhance your creativity, you need to have a broad prospective. Your creative ability depends upon how you think about it.  Don’t limit your creativity just to exercise your natural inborn talent. Believe that everyone has the capacity to become a creative person. Some persons may possess it in greater measure but others can improve it simply by exercising it more. Be curious about how things work and search for your answers. Creative minds find fascination and inspiration in different things.

Organize your life

To enhance your creative ability, you need to organize your life and make it more suitable to have an uninterrupted flow of innovative thoughts, as Julia Cameron named this process as “building the grid”. Your daily routine of sleep, diet, exercise, work hours and time management etc affects your creative capability to a great extent.  They say an active body is the place of a creative mind. There is a big connection between body and mind; when you stimulate your body, your brain starts working in surprising ways. Tharp says

“The brain is an organ, tied integrally to all the other systems in the body, and it’s affected by blood flow, neural transmission, all the processes you undergo when you put your body through its paces.”

Organize your life


Enhanced creativity will lead you to work better and produce amazing designs. Remember creativity is not a luxury or just a quality of genius minds, it can be enhanced just by exercising and developing some habits as mentioned above. Keep practicing these habits so that your creative sense stays sharp and active.

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