7 Personal Branding Errors that you need to Avoid

It is quite exciting to create your personal brand but you have to remember that just like your corporate brand, this aspect also has to be carefully thought out and backed by a smart strategy. Your brand equity has to be built meticulously and there are some mistakes that you need to avoid to get good returns.

These common branding errors are the ones that beginning-businessmen often make. So when they come to us, designers and developers, it is our job to guide them and make sure that they don’t make such silly mistakes.

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Creating a brand that’s not focused

When you are building your personal brand it’s important to talk about its essence rather than your job title or profile. If you say you are sales executive with strong experience, you are putting yourself in the same bracket as thousands of other professionals.


On the other hand, saying that you have an ability to build lasting relationships can work in your favor. As someone said, “The best brand is the one that can be easily identified from the rest.” That is what you need to aim for by harping on your strengths. Modesty is a trait that’s best left to old classics.

Thinking of the brand only when looking for a job

People often make a common mistake because they don’t think about their brand when they have landed a job. However you have to realize that throughout your career there will be several cases where your brand will have an impact on your success.

Thinking the brand

If your brand is constantly nourished you will get the boost in the form of promotions, raise, new clients. Overall, you can optimize your benefits by constantly grooming your brand. Some of the successful branding exercises are those that are persistent like professionals who work on it even when they are secure in a comfortable job.

No website

The world has gone digital in a big way and people will look you up online before they meet you in person. So the first impression is actually made even before you have come face to face. That’s why; the importance of having a updated and efficient website cannot be overemphasized. When you have your website you give your brand the right focus and take matters in your hands.

No Website

Your website will tell those interested exactly what you have to offer. Social media platforms have their merits, but you can’t just rely on them when it comes to your personal branding because in many ways they are indistinguishable.

Your network

It just can’t have more personal contacts then professional ones. It’s not what you know, but who you know, goes the saying. And it has gained more ground in our times. If you have hardly any professional contacts on your social media profiles then employers are likely to think that you don’t understand the importance of networking.

Your Network

Irrespective of the position you are working in today or the one you are applying for, your professional contacts will have a strong bearing on your prospects. It’s important for you to show that you know how to connect and sell.

Being inconsistent

Whatever you say through your personal brand, it has to be consistent. It could be your viewpoint, image or message; if it’s not consistent your credibility will suffer. If you don’t stay on track with your personal message, your brand will become confusing and lose its value. It’s the same philosophy that you use with your photographs; you want your personal brand to speak for what you stand for.

Being inconsistent

If your message is inconsistent across different channels including social media profiles, your website or blog post then you will not be seen as an authentic brand.

Using too many social media platforms

It’s another mistake people make thinking that being on too many social media platforms gives them the edge. In fact, by spreading yourself thin you can do your brand more harm than good. Instead, you should focus on creating a solid presence on platforms you use. If you feel that you already are on too many platforms, it might be time to assess your options and cut it down to the more valuable ones. If you can’t manage a profile, you might want to let it go.

Using too many social media platforms

There are professionals who have stuck to just one or two social medial platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, which have serious merits for their job profiles. They have given these networks their best and managed to make a lasting impression.

Using unprofessional photographs

If you have amateur photographs on your social networks, chances are you will do a lot of damage to your personal brand. Of course you have to pay attention to your message, but people will quickly associate your name with your photographs. Since your photograph can be seen by a large number of people online, it has to give out a professional vibe. Yes we get it that everyone has a thing for Selfies today, but they don’t have a place on your social networks and neither do blurry images.

Amateur Photographer

You can instead invest in getting a professional headshot that can be used across different platforms. This top quality photograph is what people will imagine when they think of you.

You need to keep working on your personal brand continuously while trying to avoid these mistakes. You can make quick and easy changes to your social media strategies so that you focus on your personal brand and bring it under the spotlight. By avoiding these mistakes you can ensure that you do your brand a world of good.

About the Author:

Ramya is a freelance web designer/writer based in India. She has 8 years of experience in content writing for top blogs and websites. Generally an extrovert; she likes photography, anthropology and traveling to different countries for her travelogues.

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