Web designers spend most of their time in front of a system as all the stuff they need is on their desktop. The only chance they get to enjoy their work is through a design festival. Many international design festivals are conducted every year to appreciate and exhibit the work of hardworking designers. Designers proudly display their projects and others besides admiring the work also get inspiration from them. When it comes to the word “Design” a lot of things came to our mind like web design, interior design, hair design, product design and more.

We will emphasize on web design in this article. We shall talk about the festivals and events which mainly focus on web designs or take it as one of the main categories of designs. These festivals are great opportunity for new web designers and other people to get together, share unique ideas, admire work of each other and get motivation from exhibited work. This article will inform you about all the major international design festivals that as a web designer you should definitely attend. The information about when these festivals are going to be held can be found with links attached.

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1. Paris Design Week

Paris is the heart of everything related to design. Whether is it fashion or modern art, all the design lovers come to Paris. So Paris Design Week is one event you should not miss if you want to witness design.
Besides, a trip to Paris can never go in vain.

Paris Design Week

2. The Future of Web Design

Future of Web Design

This event takes place in New York and certainly can be called as tour de force of web designing. It comes as three days conference providing you with the chance of three exhaustive days. In these three days web designers learn by attending workshops and conferences which cover all the aspects of web designing. They are also informed about the future of web designing and latest advancements.

3. London Design Festival

London Design Festival

This festival takes place in London and is considered as one of world’s major design festivals. The purpose of this festival is to celebrate the designs from all over the world. London design festival represents cultural value of designs as well help them in promotion. The festival is sponsored by V&A which is the world’s largest museums of art and design.


NEXT design festival

NEXT is one of the most important networking conference in Europe. It takes place in different cities every year. This year it is conducting in Berlin. Different issues like creative tools, brand management, visual effects and consumer power are discussed in this. This is the only conference which gives an opportunity to leading brands and internet community to come together and share their ideas. It gives a chance to attend extensive lectures to designers and brands. It also let the attendees to talk with the experts and attend different workshops.

5. Cardiff Design Festival

Cardiff Design Festival

This design festival takes place in Wales and includes the celebration of local designs. The festivals is usually conducted in the month of October but their events go on the whole year. So if anyone happened to miss the festival, he/she can be benefited by their events.

6. The European Design Festival

The European Design Festival

The European Design Festival also known as “The Ed Festival”, is also one of the major international design festivals and it takes place in different cities every year. This festival possess a uniqueness among others of its kind. The Ed festival offers best communication designs to the web designers from all over the world. Many workshops and seminars are arranged during the festival to give an idea of advancements and improvements of web designs in Europe.

7. The Capsule SF Design Festival

The Capsule SF Design Festival

This festival is the only indie design festival right now. This is best place for indie design scene lovers or even for just a design lover. This festivals includes a big contribution of designers from all over the world. Around 130 booths are set for web designers and artists to exhibit their work and sell their products.

8. Art Futura

Art Futura Festival of Designing

This is another major design festival and is best known for the exhibition of multimedia designs.

It gives an opportunity to display any international project, idea or work which includes digital creativity and culture. The Art Futura takes place in different cities every year. It presents numerous opportunities to people from the whole world to learn and share through a list of activities. This list includes workshops, exhibitions, live performances, conferences, interactive installations and more. Its website also includes a wide range of brilliant multimedia art.

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