The Designzzz Story

10534461_10152994133865898_5171627095287455476_nThe story of begins on a romantic Thursday evening in the autumn of 1987. It was beautiful weather on September 24th, the cool northern breeze had finally arrived after a long, hot summer. Everybody was enjoying the weather in any way they could. The seniors had brought out their chairs and were enjoying tea or coffee in the garden. Some young couples had decided to just walk, holding hands, on the dry leaves that had painted the streets golden.

And kids, they were all outside, playing in groups. But there was one kid who wasn’t playing at all. In fact, he was screaming from the top of his lungs in a hospital. Don’t worry, there was nothing wrong with the boy. He was just born so the doctor had spanked him to get his lungs and vocal chords working. I was that kid. I am Ayaz Malik, an artist turned programmer turned blogger/growth hacker. I’m the creator and webmaster of

The story of begins with me so I thought I should introduce myself first.

How did it all start?

I started this blog back in August 2009. That was the time when my passion of manga drawings and digital art had overwhelmed me and I couldn’t resist but start a hobby blog. I was pretty good in sketching and drawing back then. In fact, I got pretty good in drawing and sketching when I was at school. It was clear that I’ll go into a creative profession. So, where was I? Yeah! I started this blog as a digital art fan blog but soon enough, things changed slightly.

After a few months, Google Adsense sent me a check of $200. I was like “Holy cow! This thing pays!!”

That was the time when I started taking blogging seriously. And the first step to take it seriously was to learn programming so that I could keep this blog loading quickly, make it more interactive and user-friendly. It turned out, I had a talent for programming as well. What can I say, I’m a geek.

So, when I had fully grasped backend programming, when I was creating my own content management systems and other online apps, I decided to create posts related to advanced level web design as well.

In a few weeks, I realized that internet users were in a desperate need for a web design blog that shares hands-on experience, free resources and expert advice. By the end of 2010, had primarily become a web design blog, a blog by a web designer, for a web designer.

This is a blog that does not try to sell its content. This is a blog that doesn’t spam its subscribers. This is a blog where everything is free and all posts are created keeping designers from all over

the world in mind. Due to this policy, I may not make a lot of money but I do make loads of friends, and friends are rather valuable.

Where does stand today? gets over a quarter of a million visits each month, we have over 110,000 registered subscribers and over 50,000 followers on social media networks. And the numbers are still growing.

Apart from the heavens, I have loads of people to thank for the enormous success of this blog. My family, who stayed firm with me even when I was spending all my time and money on this blog but not earning anything. My internet buddies who helped me learn the art and science of blogging, SEM and SMM in the early days of My childhood love and my wife (same woman) who has lighten up my world. But most of all, I have you guys to thank. You have given me so much love that today I can proudly write this story.

What’s next for Sky is the limit. We have loads and loads of ideas. I don’t wanna disclose anything specifically here, but be assured that we are all prepared to make more informative and more fun.

Why is it called

I don’t know. Seriously, I don’t know.

I remember that my teacher once wanted to buy a domain name with the actual spelling of the word. Obviously real words are not available on .com so he just inserted three Z’s in the end.

When I bought this domain, I did the same. I didn’t have any logic or solid reason for this. I just saw my teacher doing it so I did the same. Perhaps you call it a silly decision, but it has worked out pretty well for me 🙂

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