Do you want your website designs to be as attractive and professional looking as possible? To make that happen, you have to find high-quality photo, vectors, patterns, or other design elements you do not have on hand.

If you can easily locate the elements you need, you save you the time it would take to create your own design elements, which could be considerable.
On the other hand, locating high-quality material can sometimes be a difficult and time-consuming endeavor. It definitely helps when you know where to look. Check out the freebies below, starting with icons.

Icons – Let Your Website Workhorses Play an Artistic Role

Icons serve many useful purposes. Without them, a website would be filled with “Click Here” text links to perform the functions normally assigned to these valuable design elements. Many icon styles tend to be rather vanilla-flavored, and rarely contribute to a website’s overall appearance. If however, you think of them as design elements instead of only serving as functional workhorses, and if you integrate them into your overall design, they can significantly contribute to a website’s look and feel.

When you browse through a selection of icons, look for designs that can relate to a website’s theme or purpose. Look for icons styles that might serve to lighten up an otherwise hum-drum page. Here are a variety of free and innovative icon styles, as the following examples illustrate:

Science and Technology Icons

Home Icons

Iconset – Beautiful Flat Icons Set by ElegantThemes

Vectors can be as Important as You Want to Make Them

To say that not vectors are underutilized is probably an understatement. These design elements will add an innovative touch to almost any website. They are frequently used in ads, but they tend to be underused to support textual or other content. A vector can sometimes convey the same message as a photo, even though vectors feature far less detail. A vector can also prove to be a lifesaver when you cannot find a suitable photo to incorporate into a web page.

More than anything else, vectors can give a website a fresh, innovative look and feel; and since they can convey both thoughts and emotions, they can keep a visitor interested in what a website has to offer, which is especially important in a product-oriented website. Or, you can incorporate vectors here and there for the sheer fun of it.

Smartphones Functions and Services, Android Device

Family Strolling through Airport

Beach Cocktail Part Vector Illustration

Photos Attract and Hold People’s Attention

The right photo in the right location can not only attract visitors but cause them to pause and take a second look. It’s one thing to attract visitors to a website, and website developers and their clients sometimes pay good money to make that happen, but once a visitor clicks onto your site, you want him or her to stick around. The right choice of photos can make that happen.

Quality is important, and perhaps more so with photos than with any other category of design elements. High-quality free photos can be hard to find, and when they do exist they are often outnumbered by photos whose quality leave much to be desired. Selecting a source that offers an excellent of high-quality photos that are yours for the asking only makes sense, as the following examples aptly demonstrate.

Wind Turbines Seen from the Road

View over the City 2

Yellow Cabs on a Street

The Right Font can put you a Step Ahead of the Competition

Fonts are seldom major players in website design. A default font or one that looks nice is selected, and the website developer then goes on to other things. If you look at font styles in the context of being design elements, and you are aware of the contributions they can make to a website’s look, feel, and overall quality, you are a step ahead of your competition.

Choose a font, or fonts, that contribute to a web page’s appearance, and when you make that choice, do so having a purpose in mind. Text is meant to be read, but the font style you choose can dictate how it will be read. A particular font style can also lend a personal touch to a website. Visualize how you might use these example or other fonts in our inventory. Your choice can make a difference.

Adobe 2

Giraffe 9


Textures – Lighten Up a Website, or Add Drama

Textures can do more to support a website’s theme and purpose than just about any other type of design element. A texture can be used as a background for an entire page, or it can be used sparingly in headers, sidebars, or borders. Textures can add interest to an otherwise bland website. Textures need to be chosen with care, but if you treat they are intended to be used you are not apt to get into trouble.

A good way to find out how textures can improve your website designs is to browse through a selection and visualize how you might best put one or more of them to use. Start with the examples given here; and, go on from there.

Bubble – Abstract Background 10

Blue Stone Texture 8

Patterns can Speak Softly or Loudly

It is amazing what carefully selected patterns can do for a website. Patterns are often employed to accentuate a website’s theme, whether the theme is bold or laid back. Patterns speak to people, although in a very subtle way. If you are not in the habit of using patterns in your designs, take the time to do so. The rewards can be significant. They are easy to work with, and fun to experiment with.

Browse our selection of free patterns, and see what the individual patterns have to say to you.

Seamless Smooth Criminal

60 Lines for Illustrator

Brushes can change Ordinary to Extraordinary

A careful choice of brushes, like patterns or textures, can make an otherwise dull website sparkle. Brushes tend to be used mostly as backgrounds when building a page, but there are other reasons you can use them for as well. Brushes should fit in with the website’s them to have the greatest effect, but that is about the only rule of thumb you need to concern yourself with. Most importantly, brushes are great time savers when adding small details to fill in blank spaces.

Photoshop has an outstanding selection of brushes, and we have added to that selection in our free offerings. Add a few, or a bunch, to your toolbox.

Creating an Iris, line by line, takes time!


Smoke Brushes

By now, you have hopefully realized that an excellent source of free design elements is at your fingertips. You can browse our selections without having to worry about finding gems in a sea of lower quality offerings,and you should save considerable time and trouble by doing so. How photos and vectors can contribute to your designs may be obvious, but the other design elements have much to contribute as well.

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