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Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a village called cyberspace. Over there, lived some people who were called geeks. They all loved and worshipped the goddess of creativity. They believed that the goddess is the source of all their creative powers and imagination. They called their goddess Adobe.

Among geeks, there was small group of people called designers. They were the clerics who taught about Adobe’s mysterious ways of doing things and they produced miracles by the powers granted by Adobe to them.

Mother Adobe was granted a lot of powers to her followers, but she required sacrifice for her pleasure. Sacrifice of wealth and time. This was a big sacrifice for designers as they had neither!

Every now and then, designers tried to avoid the sacrifice… and called for the wreath of Adobe. When the old designers avoided from making the sacrifice, Adobe created a whole new set of super powers with better miracles and granted them to the designers who did make the sacrifice.

One day, Adobe decided that she had to put an end to this stupid trend. Adobe decided that she is going to make it absolutely compulsory for all designers to make the sacrifice. So she thought of a rather evil plan for a goddess. She decided…..

I fell off my bed and my dream was broken midway.

What Did I Just Read???

Adobe Creative Cloud Logo

Logo of Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

I was preparing this article when I went to sleep. When you go to sleep thinking about something, you are likely to see the same thing in your dreams. Hmm… I should probably think about Emma Watson tonight… okay, let’s get back to Adobe.

Adobe Creative Cloud is the latest thing from Adobe. Gone are the days when things were simple. You just bought one software of your choice, such as Photoshop 7 and carried on to use it for years. Adobe thought that if they give you bundles, make individual software costlier and bundle more economical, that would increase sales. Then came Adobe Creative Suite, but today, they have gone a step further. Now the suite is cloud!

Cloud is the 21st century’s way of computing. Cloud means that you run your software online and you can even store your data online. That way your data and software and history and user preferences are stored online and you can be using any machine/computer and you’ll feel exactly as if you are using your own computer. Google Drive is an excellent example of online cloud based application suite.

The old Adobe CS series has been discontinued and there will be no Adobe Photoshop CS7 or any Adobe application in CS7. There’s no more CS. Now you have CC i.e. creative cloud.

Adobe has put all its creative suite applications on cloud and started to call it Adobe CC, and all the relevant software are renamed accordingly, such as Adobe Photoshop CC.

But why did Adobe do this?

Why Adobe CC? Why Not Adobe CS7?

Adobe Photoshop CS7 Logo

What could have been the logo of Adobe Photoshop CS7

Unlike most corporate houses, Adobe spoke clear truth from the day one. They said that Adobe Creative Cloud is a way to fight software piracy. Since all applications will be connected directly to our server, they will always be checked for fake serial keys and tempered registrations. Of course, desktop applications don’t have that ability.

Now you must be wondering whether Adobe has been able to control piracy or not…

It didn’t even take 24 hours for the pirated Adobe Photoshop CC to pop up on internet.

So, Adobe Creative Cloud is a failure?

Not quite! In my opinion, and that opinion is backed by my ten years of experience in monitoring servers, that Adobe knows very well how many people are using pirated version and they can stop all those people with a single click. But they are purposely not doing that.

That’s because if they do, they will be run over by some other design application such as GiMP, Sketch or Inkscape. These applications are either absolutely free or cost very little compared to Adobe’s Creative Cloud that costs $50 per month per annum (you’ll have to pay for a whole year in advance, otherwise the cost is), and $75 on monthly payment plan.

Adobe is number one but in making it number one, there is some share of the people who do use pirated versions but use these software with all their heart and they are loyal to Adobe… maybe not financially, but otherwise, in every possible way.

If Adobe restricts more than 80% (that’s how much piracy is going on) of Adobe’s users, they will surely lack a gigantic share of the market. Adobe managers don’t want to make a gap in the market for another company to find room. That’s why they are purposely over-sighting those pirated copies being used worldwide.

 Should I get Adobe CC?

You probably should if you are a designer. Here are the features of Adobe creative cloud:

  1. Adobe Muse CC: Software that lets you make websites without writing a single line of code.
  2. Adobe Photoshop CC: We all know what Photoshop is, don’t we.
  3. Adobe Illustrator CC: Designing vectors is as important as designing bitmap graphics.
  4. Adobe InDesign CC:  The mighty desktop publication application.
  5. Adobe Dreamweaver CC: The most loved code editor in the world.
  6. Adobe After Effects CC: Visual effects and motion graphics.
  7. Adobe Fireworks CC:  The web design software with a difference.
  8. Adobe Flash CC: Yup, that’s the one that makes everyone install Adobe Flash Player.
  9. Adobe Lightroom: Coolest software for Photographers to retouch their photos.
  10. 20GB storage on Behance.
  11. And many other small and big tools.

Despite the fact that Forbes Magazine reported Adobe Creative Cloud being confusing and that it has created an outcry among designers… I suggest if you are a serious graphic or web designer, you should get this pack. It has everything you could ever need.

Let’s conclude now. If you have any question regarding this article or any question at all about Adobe Creative Cloud, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below. Thanks.

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