Adobe Muse Review: Adobe’s New Web Design Tool

Muse is the powerhouse web design software from Adobe. Today we learn what it is, why it’s made and how it stands against other products in the market. Let’s do an Adobe Muse review.

Adobe Muse is web design software. Now you must be wondering why does Adobe keep coming with different web design? First there was Adobe PageMill, then came Adobe GoLive and now Adobe Muse. Of course, ever since Macromedia merged with Adobe, this software house also owns legendary software like Dreamweaver and Flash.

Now you must be wondering whether there was any need of another web design product? Well, there was!

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Adobe Muse: An Introduction

Adobe Muse is intended for designers, not necessarily web designers, to create full working website without having to write a single line of code. You don’t need to have any knowledge of HTML, CSS or any of those confusing acronyms.

Released only last year, Adobe Muse is the only industry-standard tool that allows you to create websites that contain valid code and impressive looks but it does not ask you to write any code.
Muse works in a similar fashion to Fireworks, and if you have used that software, you won’t have any trouble with Muse. If you have never opened Fireworks in your life, I can say that Adobe Muse works similar to desktop publishing software such Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign.

Working with Adobe Muse

Adobe muse has a very easy-to-understand workspace and it wouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes to properly figure out Amuse… I mean Muse.
Here’s a 40 minute long ‘getting started’ video from

Adobe Muse CC, which is the latest version, costs $15 per month on annual plan and $25 per month on monthly plan.

Now let’s review whether you need Adobe Muse or not.

Adobe Muse vs. Online Web Builders

It is not for seasoned gurus. Even if you are a seasoned graphic designer, you are likely to have too much taste to appreciate Muse’s simple designs.

If you are beginning or intermediate level designer who wants to be able to design and implement good quality websites, you won’t find a better solution than Adobe Muse.

Adobe Muse Logo

Even if you are not a designer but some other kind of computer professional, Adobe Muse can be pretty efficient software for you. But if you are someone who has to design a website only once, maybe you are a businessperson and you need to design your website, then it might not be a good solution for you. Businesspersons should use online web builders.

 Conclusion: Adobe Muse Review

On average, Adobe Muse has received rating of 4 star in efficiency, functions and ease use. Obviously we expect nothing less from Adobe.
When it comes to price, Adobe Muse may seem costly… then again, Adobe is always costly.

Muse is part of Adobe Creative Cloud suit. This suit costs $50 per month on annual plan. If you are a serious designer, you should think about getting the whole suit.

Okay guys, let’s end this Adobe Muse review now. You know what it’s for, what it costs and who should buy it. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

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