Aerial Photos or Arial photography is when the photo is taken from above, very high above.

Usually aerial photographers take these photos from helicopters, hot air balloons, sky diving and of course, while travelling from air planes.

Aerial photos give you a bird’s eye-view, literally!

There are many specialist aerial photographers working around the world… and that certainly seems like a fun job.

Aerial Photos

Game of Shadows

This is an International Photography Contest winner picture and it was published in National Geographic Magazine.

Game of Shadows - Camel Aerial Photography

Above the California Desert

The salt crust is colored red by dense colonies of halophilic archaebacteria.

From the above photography

Wheat farms in Helix

The plains, fields and soil create a colorful mosaic. This is something only aerial photography can capture.

color ful farms

Space Man

That’s one way to take aerial photos.

From the sky photographs

Instagramming at altitude

I love photography, but I’d never jump out of a plane to get photos. No Sir!

Photos for profile picture

The abstract tree

The water streams draw a tree like sketch in the hills.

Beauty of nature

Winter volcano

Coolest winter and lava erupting machine are captured in one shot. That’s the way to do it.

white beauty

Macy’s Day Parade

Quite a party this is, Macy’s Day Parade. I haven’t attended it, but I will surely… one day, surely.

frog in parade

Bones in the White Pocket

White Pocket, hidden within the desert expanse of the Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs National Monument near the Arizona/Utah border.

natural bones


Another one from Macy’s Day Parade.

I can see you spider

Up and Above

Taken from Dubai Marina. This is currently the world’s tallest residential tower.

from the sky


The state of Washington is extremely blessed when it comes to fertile weather. This aerial photo confirms it.

colors of nature

9 dragons & 5 tigers

We have seen so many Chinese rice field images. They were all in color, this is in black and white. I loved it, I hope you also do. By the way, “9 Dragons and 5 Tigers” is the name of the village.

Aerial photographs collection

Me Going

I’m being reminded of the drop scene of True Lies (one of my favorite movies).

Yellow color aerial

All covered with greenery, is the whole

I don’t know where this place is, but I’d surely love to visit it though.

photography collection

В Хогвартс!

Coming straight out of Harry Potter.

Beautiful train


The waves of time?

Sand waves

Scythian valley

Some one popped the middle one. 😛

out of box fields photographs

Cherry trees

This image was also featured in mountain photography.

beautiful nature photography

Another day

That’s my most favorite way to travel and do aerial photography.

up from the sky photograph

A Friend

Aerial photos sometimes really make you hate your job. This is one of those photos. I just wanna leave my office and fly a plain over countryside.

friend from the sky

Vertical Alignment

Venice and Amsterdam are two cities that enjoy this boating pleasure fully.

aerial photography stream

Yellow Flow

Yellow taxi, the trademark of New York.

New york photography

Come on boys…

Takes a lot of time to go up, but only takes a few minutes to come (crashing) down.

aerial photography in glaciers

Feets above clouds

What a place to sit and hang out.
What a place to fall from…. :0

aerial photography

Camera Lover

That’s one daring way to get yourself in aerial photos.

hanging out

End of Dubai

The rising of Dubai. Only aerial photography has the power to show it all in one single shot.

Dubai In aerai

Residential complex

Taking aerial photography to the edge.

Passion of photography

River near Manaus, Brazil

The amazon highway!

river in brazil

Para State

Europe: quite, nice and clean as always.

clutter of homes


Hasan Dagi crater near Anatolia, Turkey.

green volcano


Europe’s spoiled brat Greece is one of the most picturesque places on earth.

Greece Aerial view


Garbage ship on the job in Congo.



Another blue ice glacier is melting and we see its photos, but do nothing. 🙁

antarctic aerial photo


Strange…. I don’t see any pub here.

beautiful Ireland aerial view

Dominican Republic

This is a building Golf course in Cap Cana.

Dominican Republic aerial photography


beautiful Djibouti aerial photo

Dominican Republic Blue Whale

Aerial photos sometimes capture amazingly majestic scenes. This is one of those where photographer must shout Eureka!

Dominican republic blue whale


Djibouti is an independent country located in one of the world’s most unstable tectonic zones.

Eye Catchy Sand Djibouti aerial picture

Herd of Zebu near Cáceres

Raw Wool.

animals in aerial photographs


The desert of Gobi.

Mangolia view from above

Sheeps in Mangolia

Pre-processed wool.

beautiful sheeps in mangolia aerial photography

Color Sand in mangolia

Rain water created stream lines in sand. Now it looks like this.

Color Sand in mangolia aerial view


Wonderful country, “amazing” politicians.

venezuela aerial view

swimming pool

Just a swimming pool captured in aerial photography.

creative swimming pool

Venezuela Oil Rig

Venezuela is the America’s richest country in terms of oil. This aerial photo shows how they get that oil.

venezuela oil rig aerial shot

Venezuela Island

When I get a billion dollars, I’ll buy this island.

amazing venezuela island aerial photography


This site is the end of a great desert. And these clock like figures you see on the ground are actually fields. They are made round for better irrigation.

algeria view from above

White in Algeria

Believe it or not, it sometimes snow in Algeria.

amazing aerial photography

Algeria Hill

And there are hills in Algeria.

algeria hill aerial


It is July, this is how the end of Alps look during July.

aerial view of fields

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