Einstein did not perform par excellence in science only. He also said things in a way that nobody else could. He said it and the phrase became immortal. Today we know those phrases as Albert Einstein quotes.

Whether you like Einstein or not, you cannot deny that he was a genius and he did do world-changing things. His words do hold significance. Those words are not of someone like Oscar Wilde who could only say and did almost nothing compared to Einstein. This history making scientist had seen it all: the shift of a century, the rise of socialism, Hitler’s Germany… when he says something, those are the words of a man who has seen more of the world than most of us will ever do.

Now before we move on to the quotes, here are top 10 strange facts about Einstein.

Einstein Facts

The first of photo Einstein.

As a baby, Einstein had a big head (no pun intended) and was obese.

Einstein had speech difficulty in childhood. According to researchers, this speech difficulty, or technically speaking, dyslexia helped him to focus so much on his thoughts and that abnormality made him one of the greatest men of the century. If your child has a problem, that might be a blessing. Support him/her, don’t be discouraging.

When Einstein was five years old, his father gave him a pocket compass. That sparked Einstein’s interest in science which led him to be what he did.

At the age 17, he took entrance exam at Swiss Federal Polytechnic School. He failed in all non-science subjects, such as languages, geography, history etc.

Hans, Einstein’s eldest son blamed his father for the divorce of his mother. Einstein never got along with his eldest child.

Einstein wanted to marry Ilse, the daughter of his second Elsa. Ilse was a child from Elsa’s first marriage. Ilse refused to marry Einstein since she loved him as a father-figure.

Einstein urged the government to build atom bomb.

Einstein also had an illegitimate child (who’s fate was never known) and he also proposed a strange contract to his first wife. Even though I have researched on both these aspects, they are really not something to discuss of a dead person. I don’t want myself to write about those things, if you really wanna know, just click on the links.

Albert Einstein Quotes

One problem that has come up in 21st century is that anyone says any dumb thing and refers it to Einstein. Here’s an example:

Albert Einstein Quotes

Apologies for using the C-word, that is the image I got from internet. So even though I tried to get only authentic Albert Einstein quotes, I cannot be absolutely sure and there is a tiny bit of chance that one or two quotes might not actually be of Einstein.

Each quote Einstein made had a deep meaning and perpetuity and on this criteria I selected these quotes. Here they are.

where there is love there is no question

Typography Quote by Albert Einstein

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So these were the Albert Einstein quotes I found over the internet for you. You must have noticed that a few of them were repeated. I allowed repetition because the design of the image differed. So I thought maybe you want to use these Einstein quotes as your wallpaper and you should have choice of images.

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