Life of the Animals – Beautiful Wildlife Photography

There are many things we like in animals. They don’t lie, they don’t hate. They are punctual, they eat on time, go to sleep on time.

There are many things we can learn from them. They have life which should aspire us. And that is why we have made this post of animals in their natural habitat performing their routine daily life activities.

See how simple and minimal our life should have been but this computer and IT have absorbed all natural elements from our life. You might disagree but that’s what I feel.

Here, you are seeing majestic wildlife photography, but if you wanna see pet photography, then check out these cat pictures. They are very cute 🙂

Mother’s love of all time by  Octavianus Darmawan

Bird photograph

Lions in the snow

Wild Life Lion Photography

Eye to eye by  Kai Jensen

Free wild life photography

Episode (Life bird)

Free Bird Photography

Reptile portrait in profile …

Free Snake photography

That’s Indian summer has come …

Free Wild Life Photography

Polar Bear on Melting Ice

polar bear photography

Thus were born the legend

Free wild life bat photography


Free animal Photography

Egret Dance

Free Bird Photography


Free jumping.

Wild life photography

Family Dinner by  Roman Golubenko

Free Wild Life photography

1-2-3-4, feet together, hands wider!

Free penguin Photography

Laughing Cheetah by  Stephen Earle

Free wild life photography


Free wild life photography

White horse by  Vedran Vidak

Free wild life photography


Free wild life photography

Fern Harbor Sea Otter 30

Wild life photography

Set speed

wild life photography

Drink up the sea … 3

wild life photography

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