Some of the most fantastic Gravity Defying Pictures. Gravity is one of the things I hate in this world. Newton says, if it wasn’t for gravity, the world could not work. But I still don’t like it. One of the reasons I’m so crazy for a space trip is that there’s no gravity there.

I can’t afford a space trip, they ask for an amount equivalent to 20 million ice cream cups ($20 million). I don’t have that kind of a money. So what do I do…. I make a gravity defying post.

This is a collection of conceptual photos where photographers have disrespected gravity. They take these pictures with the help of transparent ropes and such stuff. Try to figure out their tricks.

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Zero Gravity

zero gravity floating girl

Gravity Doesn’t Affect Emotions

anti gravity women floating

Gravity Matters

anti gravity couch

Gravity Hits Hard

anti gravity falling girl

No Gravity

no gravity floating guy


levitating women

Dream of Every Man – Me & You against gravity

gravity defying


cute girl floating on bed


anti gravity angel

Fly like the wind

gir in red anti gravity


gravity defying girl flying

Just another day in the dreams

girl walking on wall

Gravity Minus

gravity illusion photography

Reverse Gear

dancing without gravity

Get Back In Your Book

gravity defying photography

The Last Time We Let Him In Here

fantastic conceptual photography

The Magical Mystery Box

exceptional anti gravity photo

Defying Gravity

defying gravity walking on wall

Spring Fever

lots of girls floating

Creepy Floaty

creepy floating girl


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